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July 30, 2008 2:23 PM

McCain meets with Chaput

Sen. John McCain met with the leader of Denver's archdiocese this morning for what McCain officials called "a private meeting."

The meeting happened prior to McCain's visit to a Caterpillar sales company in Aurora. The Chaput meeting could be the reliving of a nightmare for Democrats in Colorado. In 2004, Chaput made it clear in a New York Times interview in 2004 that voting for Kerry was "cooperating in evil."

He told the interviewer that if a Catholic were to vote for Kerry, they'd have to go to confession before receiving communion. This left Catholics conflicted and was considered a key in delivering the state to President Bush in 2004. Kerry is Catholic and encountered resistance by some bishops who took issue with his stance on abortion.

The linchpin for Chaput is abortion. McCain touts his pro-life record and Obama is pro-choice.  There is no indication in the meeting whether Chaput plans to be as active as he was in 2004, but McCain is riding a recent tide of good news on the religious conservative front. Just the other week, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson said he could support McCain months after saying he wouldn't vote for the Arizona senator.

The archdiocese would not comment on the meeting, other than to say it was private.


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