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April 4, 2006 9:07 PM

Bonds On Bonds


This was the rough that I ended up using. I have another Bonds cartoon sketch that I did, but I'm holding on to it for now becuase I'll use it in a week or two.


I thought about maybe doing a cartoon on Florida winning the NCAA tournament, so I did a few roughs of that. Neither of them were as good as the Bonds one I ended up inking, and the shelf life was shorter for the syndicate. Occasionally, I have to take that into consideration since I have to draw two cartoons a week for United Features Syndicate.


Another Gator cartoon. Too bad. I love to draw a good reptile now and then. Which reminds me, speaking or reptiles, I miss Rick Neuheisel.



  • April 4, 2006

    10:38 PM

    Mike writes:

    Hey Drew, Looks good..I can tell you did a lot of work on this. I don't know how you are doing it all! Take care... Mike

  • April 5, 2006

    7:57 AM

    Mark McLaughlin writes:

    Drew- Just wanted to say I've been reading since I was 10 (now 28), and love your work. Keep it up, and don't forget our the AVS. Love the new blog.
    -Mark, Highlands Ranch

  • April 5, 2006

    10:26 AM

    kip sheppard writes:

    I like your new logo. It looks alot more like you than the old one.

  • April 11, 2006

    2:37 PM

    Tracey writes:

    As a huge Gator fan, I would love to see the finished products of your drafts!

    Love your work, thanks for the constant laughs.

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