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April 12, 2006 12:00 AM

Rush for Tickets


The finished cartoon. Rockies Fever. Catch it. Tom asked me the other day how I think the Rocks will do this season. I think they are a year away. They need a few more offensive pieces (Ian Stewart) and another pitcher or two. I like the fact they are keeping the team intact overall, although if this were my franchise (be glad it's not) I'd be inclined to trade Todd Helton now and use the rest of the year to grow all the parts together. I love Helton and what he brings everyday (work ethic, poise, maturity), but his highest value on the trading block is now. You could get some serious prospects that would ensure the Rockies are a contender for years to come.


Here's the rough for the day. I drew only one, and this is from yesterday's batch that I held back just in case I wanted to use it. Monday ended up to be a pretty good day creatively considering it was, after all, Monday. I got two cartoons out of it.

But I also I struggled a lot on Monday with the pen I was drawing with. I used to use these nibs that were handed down to me from my late wife's grandfather. But I ran out of them and have not found anything close to them that I am comfortable drawing with. Small thing but kind of important because you want the drawing process to be pretty effortless and when you are struggling with a pen tip it can be really distracting overall. It reminds me of the story about Charles Schulz, the late great creator of Peanuts. He found out the pen nibs he used to draw the strip were going to be discontinued so he sought out every art store he could across the USA and bought the entire remaining inventory of them. Now I know why.

More and more of the pen nibs that cartoonists use to draw their cartoons with are being discontinued. There are fewer of us to buy them then there were in the '30s, '40s and '50s. So my search for the perfect pen will continue.


  • April 12, 2006

    4:46 AM

    Tom Stockman writes:

    Thanks for the kudo, Drew, I appreciate it...I haven't drawn since high school and two years ago finally threw my utensils out, including a small batch of 70's ego nibs. Trading Helton at his "high value" mark isn't a bad idea, but I'm more sentimental, I'm glad we're not. Fun to see the Rox having success so far.

  • April 12, 2006

    12:39 PM

    Gary 11:11 writes:

    I can't believe that you're blaming your work on the poor little nibs. I'll tell you what...I have a box of pen nibs that I would donate to you if you promise not to use them to bash the Buffs.

  • April 12, 2006

    2:06 PM

    Kathy writes:

    I was reading the response from Gary. I'm not sure about a guy who has saved a box of pen nibs, but if you do take him up on his offer, feel free to "Nib" the Cornhuskers all you want!

  • April 14, 2006

    3:53 PM

    josh writes:

    but its so fun and easy to bash the buffs. especially when the corn kick your ass

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