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May 18, 2006 12:00 AM

Broncos Camp 2006


The rough draft needed a little polishing to work. I think the final cartoon came together well.



  • May 18, 2006

    9:47 AM

    Bill writes:

    I fully agree. Without going into a full length detail of what I saw last year, the plays appaeared more often to protect Jake from making those medium to long ball mistakes. It could have been that the receivers are not quick enough to get open. Whatever the case, there are a number of QB's in the league that seem to make game winning completions, but it seemed the Broncos relied more on the defense. The Broncos didn't seem to have that killer "come from behind" game talent.
    Don't get me wrong, I am a Jake fan and a Broncos fan through and through, but if Cutler is what he might be, there might be e new sherrif in town.
    Love the cartoons and keep up the great work!!!

  • May 18, 2006

    10:21 AM

    g writes:

    I am superstitious
    Jay should not wear number 6
    the last number 6 couldn't learn the playbook.

    Jay should wear 8
    Steve Young's number

  • May 18, 2006

    12:24 PM

    bronco militia writes:

    Brokeback QB

  • May 18, 2006

    2:31 PM

    Dave writes:

    Number 16 just might be Number 3 by years end unless he can give up the moniker Jake "Make The Big Mistake"

  • May 18, 2006

    3:35 PM

    Diesel Dave writes:

    Hey Drew,
    You should have drawn 'ol #7 behind Cutler also.

    As long as the John Elway presence is felt in Colorado, ( ".........buy my cars............ go to this restaurant........... drink milk............ TV ads for anything and everything............owner of the Crush............blah, blah, blah........
    Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler and perhaps the next ten or fifteen quarterbacks who play for the Broncos will have one large pair of shoes to fill.
    The 49er's fans are waiting for their next Joe Montana, the Dolphins faithful wait patiently for Danny Marino's replacement and the Steelers fans waited a mere 25 or so years for Ben Roethlisberger to replace Terry Bradshaw. Twenty-five years!
    I don't believe the Broncos fans will have the patience to wait that long for a QB to take the team to the Super Bowl let alone win it. Good Luck to Plummer, Cutler and that poor kid in junior high school in Anytown, USA. If you play for, or get drafted by the Broncos beware of the Elway shadow........................

  • May 18, 2006

    3:59 PM

    Steve writes:

    I'm interested to see what (if any) cariactures are done of Cutler. Frankly, to me he looks like an overgrown 13 year old. Nothing against him, of course, but I find that humorous.

  • October 15, 2006

    10:29 PM

    g writes:

    Y the heck did u put jay there. it is so stupid. i hate the broncos for waisting their 1st round draft pick on a stupid QB. thats y we have jake.

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