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August 2, 2006 12:00 AM

Bases empty


I'll give them credit. The Rockies at least made a veiled attempt to make a move to better the team. But if you ask me, they left the bases a little empty. I'm not sure trading Ryan Shealy was in their best interests since we have not seen the Todd Helton of old now for the better part of two seasons. They got a marginal reliever in return, but marginal relievers are all they have anyway. So the team motto under the Monfort Brothers regime remains "Mediocre and proud of it."

On a side note my last visit to Coors Field was reflective of an ownership that is out of touch with its fan base and quite frankly doesn't seem to care about the experience fans have at the ballpark. Besides the food being horrendously overpriced ($4 for a scoop of ice cream at Madeline's in center field is criminal), the service provided was worse. Long lines jammed concession stands, and I watched as worker after worker just stood around doing nothing. Clearly, the Monforts seem to care nothing about our night at the ballpark. They sit in the comfort of their first base seats oblivious to the mess. I would be willing to bet that Mark Cuban would be behind a concession line serving you hot dogs and peanuts and Cracker Jack if he thought you would walk away from your night at Coors Field with a smile on your face and a desire to come back right away. If it seems I'm harping, I am. The seats we sat in were 42 bucks, and for the most part we had a pretty lousy time. Not because the product on the field was bad, but because no one employed at Coors Field seemed to care about the 20-minute wait for a hot dog and a soda. I'd love to hear from you if you have had a bad experience at a Rockies game. Or a good one, for that matter. Though after my recent night there, I'll bet there aren't many of those.


  • August 2, 2006

    8:46 AM

    Mike Schwarz writes:

    The Monforts seem to like the fantasy that they are good owners. I have yet to see it. They have always been good at making money.

    I haven't been to a Rockies game in a long while (I live outside Colorado, in FL) It's been almost 8 years now, but I loved Coors Field.

  • August 2, 2006

    10:57 AM

    Chris in Littleton writes:

    How soon we forget! Last year at this time the Rockies were in the basement of the NL West with no hope in sight. This year they are at least in the thick of it with what I think is a bright future.

    Even if they make the playoffs this year, they aren't set up to go very deep. I too was disappointed that Shealy was traded because I think the next couple of seasons will be pretty exciting. I don't think that selling out the future for a short postseason run this year is the way to go.

    Of course, this is probably just what the owners want to hear from the fans...

  • August 2, 2006

    3:16 PM

    johnnyD writes:

    here's a crazy one for you! I agree about the no care attitude service at Coors Field...My two boys and I came in from Arizona and went to a game over the weekend. We got tickets in the left field bleachers, which were half full. Got there about an hour before the game and just parked it in the first row and sat there until the fifth inning when, during a good game I might add, one of the ushers came by and kicked us out of the seats! The thing is, is that we had been talking to the other ushers around us for the majority of the game and no one bothered to ask to see our ticket stubs...

  • August 2, 2006

    3:34 PM

    Gene Barrett writes:

    What everyone seems to forget in the Shealy trade is that there is another outstanding hitter (Koshansky) playing first base for the Tulsa AA team who will probably be promoted to AAA very shortly. Shealy was caught in a crunch with Helton in front of him and Koshansky behind him.

  • August 2, 2006

    3:44 PM

    Matt Coyne writes:

    Knowing full well that as the price of conecessions goes up the quality of service provided by the concession stand operators will go down (a direct result of owners further scamming their fan base), it's no surprise to me that you had the experience you did.

    I have not attended a Rockies game in several years, having had a similar experience the last time I did, and probably will not attend another game on my own dollar until the Monforts are out as owners.

    If the rumors are true they had an opportunity to trade for Alfonso Soriano but decided instead to pass in favor of another unproven left-handed reliever for one of our top prospects, then this ownership group and the rest of their front-office cronies have cheated their long-suffering fan base yet again. I would much rather go to the ball park and empty my pockets on hot dogs and beer knowing my money is getting put to good use trying to make this team a contender.

  • August 2, 2006

    6:25 PM

    disgusted writes:

    $6/ticket at King Soopers, eat before the game, pick a nice weather day & enjoy watching the opposition.. things couldn't be better at Coors Field!

  • August 2, 2006

    11:52 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Drew, I am ashamed of your writing. When you went to the Rockies game, did you seriously watch? It's easy to cut down Dan O'Dowd, I have done much of it in the past. But credit must be given where credit is due. Can you tell me who signed Jamey Carroll and Brian Fuentes? Who drafted Matt Holliday, Jeff Francis, Aaron Cook, Garrett Atkins, Clint Barmes, and Brad Hawpe? How can you call Dan O'Dowd a terrible GM when the team that is on the field is 3 games out of 1st and the Wild Card, and the team was built by him. How naiive. On top of that, the Rockies needed another reliever, and if you had chose to do any research, you would have known that for essentially the entire day, the Rockies had a Ryan Shealy and a pitching prospect for Coco Crsip deal ready to go until the Red Sox backed out, so at the last minute, O'Dowd traded for Affeldt who gives Hurdle another option in late innings. You want Alfonso Soriano? Do you seriously think that the Monforts have (or are willing to since they are the worst owners in sports) or are willing to spend 16-17 million dollars a year for him? And if we didn't resign him, would you be willing to give up Ian Stewart, Troy Tulowitzki, and Jeff Francis for him? Come on Drew, this is embarrassing. Do some research

  • August 3, 2006

    8:21 PM

    Crash writes:

    Dick Monfort rarely attends Rockies games during the summer because he's usually attending his son's games in Eaton. "It's a better product," he said about his son's team.

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