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August 1, 2006 12:00 AM

The Heat is On


No doubt this is THE make-or-break year for Jake Plummer. Jay Cutler is impressing, and the loss in last season's AFC title game looms large. This image was inspired by the recent heat wave and the recent Pirates of the Carribean movie, which was a blast, by the way. As hot as it has been lately, just imagine putting pads on and running go routes all day. Anyway I think this Broncos season is going to be a great one. I still want to hear from more of you out there how you think the Broncos will do. Oh, and be sure to save a little cash for Nov. 7. That's when the History of the Broncos by NFL Films goes on sale.


  • August 1, 2006

    6:23 AM

    Dirk writes:

    Two words that will determine Plummers fate. Ron Dayne. If the running game takes the heat off of Jake, he will light up the scoreboard. If the Broncos struggle running the ball, look out. I want to see Plummers competitive nature produce those fourth quarter comebacks before I can say he is the man. Another 10-6 season this year, and then we will see about the playoffs.

  • August 1, 2006

    9:43 AM

    Bill writes:

    Dirk said it pretty well. I also would say that it depends on the type of field game the Broncos put on. I don't think Jake is a regular pass way down field sort of guy. I think they need to keep the short to medium range game and he will have higher success. Although they need to get away from that "throw5 yards to0 the sideline" play they almost always seem to use. Once in awhile is OK. I haven't seen a lot of passouts to the RB's nor have I seen hardly any quick slant passes up the middle to the TE's. I think this would improve the medium to long range game if they could close in the defense a bit.
    And thanks for reminding me about the history of the Broncos. I am there!

  • August 1, 2006

    10:36 PM

    Broncos4Life writes:

    We should watch what we say about Plummer, he may either flip us the Bird, or Kick in our head lights after he cuts us off in traffic.

  • August 7, 2006

    2:53 PM

    RVizzle writes:

    People in the mile high city need to back up from the roasting pot that has been reserved for Jake the Snake these last four years. Remember that it is Jake who has led the team to three straight playoff berths, and in my opinion, it was not Jake who dropped the ball in the AFC title game, it was the pass defense (but I don't hear anybody ragging on Champ Bailey and saying his days are numbered). Jake is a competitor, when his team fails to perform on other levels (i.e. pass defense/rush, and the running game) then his competetive nature takes hold and he tries to do anything to get back. If anything, it's Jake's passion for the game and his desire to win that sometimes gets him in trouble, but I would take that any day over 99% of the other QB's who are out there. Jake is a consumate pro and shows up ready to play, he takes care of his body and is respected by his team mates... when is Denver finally going to embrace this guy and realize that it could be so much worse?--- signed, a former Cardinals fan

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