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September 13, 2006 12:00 AM

Jake's Pre-Snap Read


Jake isn't just hearing footsteps these days. My guess is that Cutler's threat to his job security is always on Jake's mind. That's kind of where this image came from. Personally, I want Plummer to at least finish the season before the Cutler era begins but it might not happen. At this rate Shanahan might be pulling Plummer sooner rather than later. I want to know what you all think. Let's start the guessing. When do you think that Cutler will take over the starting job? Next week. After Halloween? Or will it be next season? I'm curious to know. Just leave a comment or two. Ahhh Broncos season. It's never boring.



  • September 13, 2006

    3:28 AM

    Rich Rutledge writes:

    I am in the camp that would prefer to see Cutler take this year to learn. However, it all depends on Jake. If he regains the form of last year and settles down then let him finish and save Cutler, BUT if he continues to perform like his last 2 games going back to the AFC Champ. game then he needs to sit immediately, that performance in umexcusable. After all if we are going to turn over the ball and lose, let the rookie get the experience, Jake has had enough experience with turning the ball over.

  • September 13, 2006

    6:18 AM

    Bronco Fan in Texas writes:

    Give poor Jakey a chance. The Broncos lost their opening game last year, in ugly fashion. Jay needs to learn more. If benching a quarterback for multiple interceptions was the norm, Brett Favre would have been bench at midseason last year. (He had 27 interceptions while Jake only had 7.)

  • September 13, 2006

    7:58 AM

    Dirk writes:

    It is a little soon to be putting the cart before the Bronco ( I mean horse!). When Jake throws for three scores and runs for another next week, everyone will say, "We knew Jake could do it". How about some imaginative play calling? The Bronco offense looks predictable. No surprises. Not the empty backfield look again! When the defense played as good as they did Sunday, the Broncs will win more than their share. Relax!

  • September 13, 2006

    8:50 AM

    Wondering writes:

    ". . . that performance in umexcusable." What does that mean?

  • September 13, 2006

    9:34 AM

    Greg writes:

    In all fairness Jake hasn't had a poor game against Pittsburgh or St. Louis the offensive line has. Shanahan's recipe for the O-Line isn't to win with nobodies on the line, but with Hall of Fame caliber players the like of Zimmerman, Tony Jones, Mark Schlereth, and Tommy Nalen. This line just can't pass block. The running game is a function of the zone blocking scheme.

  • September 13, 2006

    10:25 AM

    Bill writes:

    After watching the game, it appears that Jake threw a couple goose eggs but it really boiled down to a lack of protection and Plummer getting frustrated. The offense as a whole was pretty bad with the bright light at the RB position. It was the first game, a learning experience and I hope that the offense makes better adjustments in the next game than they did in this one. I think much of the problem might be found in the play calling, the new coaching on offense, or a mixture of any. True Plummer made those errant passes on his own, but they have gotten that first game out of their system. Before the judge and jury come out to play, let's see how the team is looking by week 4 or 5. Jay Cutler is a rookie with a heck of a lot of promise, but I am sure that we would be screaming for Jake to come back after week 8 or 10. And besides, maybe a little QB controversy might be good to get Jake to protect the ball better.

  • September 13, 2006

    10:29 AM

    Bill writes:

    ANd one more thing, I watch many teams play and they always seem to have a receiver get open. A good question would be is are our receivers getting open so Jake doesn't have to hold on to the beall and ditch it at the last moment? I see other teams always seeming to have receivers that break away and get open, but I noticed last year that Denver receivers seem to lack this ability to give Jake the opening he needs..... just a thought.

  • September 13, 2006

    10:55 AM

    Rob writes:

    Maybe the reason you're seeing other teams receivers getting open is that every game I saw this week had former Broncos cornerbacks on each team.

  • September 14, 2006

    10:32 AM

    Bill writes:

    That's about right Rob... And don't forget all the linebackers also.

  • September 14, 2006

    12:13 PM

    Andrew writes:

    Jay Cutler will not play this season (and I sure hope not) unless one of two scenarios happens. One, Jake Plummer is injured (obviously); and Two, if Plummer (AND the rest of the offense) play as poorly as they did Sunday and The Broncos are out of the playoff picture by Halloween. As Jeff Legwold said, it would be an insult to the veterans of a Super Bowl-contending team to throw away their chance at a Super Bowl this season and put it in the hands of a rookie. Cutler will be a better pro when it's all said and done, but he can't run the Bronco's offense any better than Plummer can. At least not now.

  • September 14, 2006

    6:47 PM

    Dwayne writes:

    Watch a replay of Plummer's fumble...someone needs to teach Mr. Mike Bell how to take out a DE. Leonard Little literally threw Bell to the side. I'm on the fence on this one...I like Plummer, I really like the fact he's saying the right things right now. But I am curious to see what Cutler can do.

  • September 15, 2006

    8:06 AM

    Chris J writes:

    Jake Plummer has never had a very good Opening game with the Bronco's ever. His First two years were not very good either. We one those games but that wasn't because of Jake. I know in his first game with the Bronco's he threw 3 picks, we won, but he was still very bad. He will have a good season this year too. He just has more pressure this year then he has ever had.

  • September 18, 2006

    8:38 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    It just dosnt matter" when your talking about shanahans QB's,It just dosnt matter,Remember number 14 he could do no wrong the Broncos lost there first four games with Griese and it just dosnt matter,Dont know why just no when.when were talking about the master-minds QB's.With any player at any position Shanahan dont play,He'll pull them faster than a B-movie on christmass.Just look at last year 13-3 wow what a good job jake! I looked at all the games and if it wasnt for Denvers-D we would be lucky just to be a 500-team,not playoffs,just 500.Shanahan almost lost his job with Griese!. Shanahan say Cutlers not ready,could he be any worst. I guess it just dosnt matter.

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