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September 26, 2006 12:00 AM

The Road to Renewal


Monday night was one of those nights where a game is more than just a game. For the city of New Orleans it was the sign of a great comeback. The rebuilding process in New Orleans has begun. Though it still faces challenges on its road to renewal it has shown the world its tenacity and desire for revival. The city of New Orleans resilience is a lesson to us all that though a storm like Katrina can have devestating results, the human spirit cannot be deterred.

As I began to draw this cartoon I could not help but think about how much this image reminds me of the recent storms in my own life. Two years ago today I lost my wife, Debbie, to cancer. Her spirit and laughter and joy will remain with me always. 8 months later my father and my hero, Laveron, lost his long battle with Parkinsons.

I have begun the process of my own renewal, having married a wonderful and incredible woman named Marcia in April of this year and I recently relocated to a new and exciting part of the Metro area after living in Littleton for 18 years. My life will be forever changed by the personal storms of two years ago. But like this image I feel as though I am picking up the pieces and moving forward.

I've learned so many things through it all. Mostly to cherish this gift of life and those around me. There is not a moment that goes by that I don't thank God for putting Marcia in my life. I've learned to say "I love you" often. I've learned to not let little things bug me as much because in the long run they don't matter. I've learned to be even more grateful then ever that I can draw cartoons for a living. And I've learned to be thankful for the people like you who take the time to read them. Life is short. Grasp it for all you can. If you haven't called an old friend or family member in awhile just to say "thanks for being in my life", maybe today would be a good day. Do it for those who survived Katrina. Do it for those in New Orleans on the road to renewal. And do it for yourself.



  • September 26, 2006

    10:57 AM

    KCBH writes:

    Another great cartoon drew, you da man.

  • September 26, 2006

    1:50 PM

    johnnyD writes:

    Thanks Drew!! Great commentary, and thank God we have sports to take us away, for a few hours at least, from the reality of it all.

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