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September 18, 2006 12:00 AM

Those offensive Broncos


It's safe to say there is trouble in paradise. The Broncos offense resembles the one in Boulder which is about as ugly as it can get. Is it too early to panic? Probably, but I wonder if perhaps Shanahan is finding himself without a really dominant running back, and wide outs who are aging and a step or two too slow. And the offensive line seems like it isn't getting the job done as in years past. And, of course, the question of whether Plummer can get the job done is a worthy one. I don't believe he can but only time will tell.

I did multiple sketches during and after the game and finally settled on this one. I'm having a blast drawing after the game is over and getting it into the paper for Monday. I like the immediacy. Next week will be a tougher test for me. It's a Sunday night game that starts at 6 and my deadline will probably be about 10:30. Not much time to sketch and ink and e-mail the final product. Should be interesting. I'm the only cartoonist in the country I know of with deadlines quite like that and I thrive on it. Again, I love to be on top of a late breaking game story and be in the next days paper. I'm sure it leaves a few readers wondering how we do that. Think fast. Draw faster. That's exciting to me.


  • September 18, 2006

    8:02 AM

    Dirk writes:

    You and the Broncos have something in common, you both like to get' er done in the last minute. That is OK as long as the ending is favorable... reminds me of the way I wrote papers in college, last minute. Rough draft, whats that? Keep up the good work, I enjoy seeing what you come up with.

  • September 18, 2006

    8:19 AM

    Paul writes:

    This morning on 9 News, Gary Shapiro teased the report coming up on the Broncos' game yesterday, by saying something like "...Jason Elam kicked a 39 year old to win the game!" I immediately imagined what your depiction of this scene would look like and am still laughing!


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