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October 17, 2006 12:00 AM

Hold the line


I go back to some comments that former 49ers quarterback Steve Young made on draft day just after the Broncos selected Jay Cutler. Young said (and I paraphrase, but it's pretty close) "Shanahan has selected a quarterback that he can TRUST in any situation, in any game at anytime of the year". My guess is that Young had it on pretty good authority that Shanahan had lost confidence in Plummer after losing to Pittsburgh in the AFC title game. It was evident to all who watched that day that Plummer clearly couldn't be trusted under a pressure situation and that if the Broncos wanted to get to the next level for years to come they would have to do it with a different guy at the helm. Some fans theorize that Shanahan is merely keeping the offense under wraps until they face the Colts on October 29 which is a bit like saying let's not let the Indy car get above 55 before the 500. You gotta test the engine before the race you know. So I tend to agree with Steve Young. Shanahan is doing everything he can to keep Jake under wraps and just let the defense carry them as far as they can. I think if you're going to do that why not do it with Cutler. I had a friend of mine sum it up pretty well last season. The reason Shanahan is such a good coach is because he has found a way to hide Jake Plummer in right field. Sort of akeep the errors to a minimum and keep the Super Bowl hopes alive kind of philosophy. The only problem with it is the Broncos might just bore us all to death before they get there


I did a total of six roughs, three on the Broncos offensive woes and three on the Miami melee. I went with this one jsut because i liked the simplicity of the cartoon.


This was one of the rjects that didn't make it. I have one other rough out of this batch but i like the image so I'm holding it back for another day down the road. I might use it I might not.


  • October 17, 2006

    9:50 AM

    Bill writes:

    I like Jake and refuse to become part of the bashing hype. But I am wondering since the game against the Rams where turnovers abounded from Jake's hands if coach Shanahan is not playing a conservative offense but rather more of a "cautious" offense to prevent turnovers. Jake either doesn't have the time or is taking too much time to find a receiver and make an efficient pass. It seems the Bronco's receivers are always locked down for the most part. Could it be new offensive schemes......? And love the work Drew... great drawing! (And it really does add humor when you keep the furry Jake in the picture!)

  • October 17, 2006

    11:06 AM

    RDRP writes:

    Maybe Shannahan is just working on his strategy of becoming the first coach of all time to win the Super Bowl 2-0.

  • October 18, 2006

    11:19 AM

    Aleo writes:

    I'm surprised at all the Plummer bashing. The offense has stalled this year, because the Broncos are NOT a dominating run team for some reason. Yes Tatum has finally established himself as the #1 back but I just don't see the power that's been there in years past. Not sure if this is a lack of talent at RB or the line just isn't the same. Without the run, Plummer can't roll-out and run the naked bootlegs that are his game. He stands in the pocket and delivers the ball. He's not a pocket passer never has been.
    Putting Cutler in there would be a disaster. We have a rookie TE, new offensive coordinator and Javon won't be back to 100% until next year. The rest of WRs are young . Let the receiving core mature before Cutler is thrown in there!

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