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October 7, 2006 12:00 AM

Just Punishment

They deserve one another. Terrell Owens and Albert Haynesworth. Together in a room for a long time.

Looking forward to today's Oklahoma-Texas matchup as well as the LSU and CU games. I love college football even though I went to a school, UTEP, that didn't have a program. Oh they did. It was just so awful we often wished it would go away and leave us alone. So I've seen my share of really bad football.

Hey. Just wondering if anybody else saw the new series "Friday Night Lights" ? I'd be interested to hear your feedback on it. The high school I went to, El Paso Coronado, played Odessa Permian quite a few times. Got beat everytime. Almost won in a regional state playoff game (the game ended in a tie score) but we lost on penetrations inside the 20. If the T-Birds had managed 9 more yard we would have won on first downs. The movie "Firday Night Lights" was pretty good but I couldn't bring myself root for Permian like so many did in the theater. It was just wrong.

Monday nights matchup with the Broncos taking on the Ravens should be a good one. Two great defenses. i'll be interested to see how Jake Plummer holds up under the pressure of Ray Lewis. Personally, I'm a big Steve McNair fan. The guy has been a reselient quarterback through the years. I'll be drawing off of the game live again so my deadline will be a little tight. But i love bringing readers a cartoon off of a night game. It's exciting.



  • October 11, 2006

    6:53 AM

    Staci writes:

    I love your cartoons. I was interested to read that you went to high school in El Paso. My mom was born and raised in El Paso (Eastland High) and we spent a lot of time there during spring and summer breaks from school. Keep up the good work with your cartoons!

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