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November 22, 2006 12:00 AM

O.J.'s Act of Desperation


I originally had a much more somber heavy hitting kind of cartoon in mind for the O.J. mess. But among the sketches I did (5 O.J. toons total) this one was just seemed like the one to do. It kind of looks ahead at O.J.'s next despicable move whatever sleazy thing that may be to keep his name in the headlines and his pockets lined with blood money.

Enough said. The guy makes my skin crawl. Here's a few roughs that I sketched but didn't go with.




  • November 22, 2006

    3:24 PM

    Meaghan writes:

    I like the hazardous waste concept, personally. It's the best approximation of what that man keeps spewing out.

    Mostly, I just feel sorry for his children...

  • November 22, 2006

    5:27 PM

    Dwayne writes:

    Shame on OJ... he has no time to write a book when, he should be busy searching for the real killers. I know eventually he'll find them hiding in a sand trap at some high class golf course.

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