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November 11, 2006 12:00 AM

The odor in Oakland


This cartoon was a blast to do. Though I must admit the drawing took longer than it should have. I kept gettoing the arm angle wrong and it seem every which way I tried it it just didn't look right or it blocked too much of the Raiders logo.

The Raiders are putrid but just the kind of team that can sneak up and bite you if you aren't ready or half your defensive roster is in the training room instead of on the field.

Hoping to get to a few movies this weekend. I'd really like to see Borat and the new Nick Parks film (the Wallace and Gromit guy.) Haven't seen Open Season yet and I think I've missed the chance to see Hollywoodland and The Queen. Oh, well. I guess it's Netflicks or maybe just my collection of Lone Ranger DVD's. Now that's entertainment.


  • November 12, 2006

    9:49 AM

    eric writes:

    THE RAIDERS ARE GOING DOWN TODAY. Broncos are on the way to the super bowl. Oh yea for all your plummer haters, where are you guys now, oh wait you are supporting him again thats right cause were winning. Stupid fair weather fans

  • November 12, 2006

    1:13 PM

    eric writes:

    hey i called it before the season started that worthless money greedy portis wouldnt see the whole season, I just read he broke his hand. LOL LOL LOL LOL. He deserves that for leaving the broncos the way he did.

  • November 12, 2006

    9:44 PM

    Disgusted writes:

    Let's try some logic here..Shanny won't play Cutler because he's not "ready" and he doesn't want the blame if anything goes "wrong". The Ponies are going nowhere in the postseason(if they make it at all). So we have two choices..fail with Jake, or start the maturing process with Jay now. With a legitimate downfield threat,& the smarts/vision to actually see reciever #2 & 3, our running game(& offense overall) will improve. Our 2007/8 season will get a jumpstart. Cutler has the 1)intelligence(scored high on Broncos test) & guts to handle any "disappointments he may face. If the Ponies DO make the playoffs, they have a fighting chance with Jay. A better offense will keep our banged up defense off the field longer. If after today, ANYONE has any confidence in the status quo, I just don't understand. The trackmeet against the Chargers would be fun to watch.

  • November 12, 2006

    11:48 PM

    JakeTheFake writes:


    The Broncos have to sneak by a complete mess of a franchise otherwise known as the Oakland Raiders. That speaks volumes of the Broncos. Once again.....they have to rely on 2 players to get them there. San Diego is primed to have a field day with Denver. If the Chargers can mount that big of a comeback against a legit Bengals team, then how the hell won't they do the same against the on-again, off-again Denver defense. Also.....Jake will be pulled from the Chargers game. Mark it down.

  • November 14, 2006

    4:44 AM

    gwats writes:

    Bronco Fans!
    Make your SuperBowl reservations now! The Colts will need your vocal support! :)

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