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December 1, 2006 12:00 AM

Bozos of Blitz #13


I miss drawing John Elway. So I was glad to be able to use him for this episode of Bozos. That's one thing about doing Bozos. The strip gives me the chance to do things I can't in a single panel format. I tried to imagine what John would tell Jay. It was mostly stuff that drove me crazy about Plummer. The stuff that to me revealed a maturity level of about a 16 year old. I think that's what eventually cost Jake his job. His lack of study and comittment off the field was as evident as his the long list of mistakes he was compiling on the field. And don't even get me started about the way he presented himself at press conferences except to say the phrase "unprofessional" comes to mind.
Well, thankfully, that ship has sailed. I look forward to the Cutler era. I think he is going to be a great quarterback for the Broncos. Just give him some time and show him some grace. The kid'll take 'em places. And I think we might just see him hoist a few. Lombardi trophies that is.



  • December 1, 2006

    7:13 AM

    SchmittyD writes:

    It was very fitting that you used Elway in this strip, since, like Elway, Cutler is a promising QB who should win some big games. Also like Elway, he is going to be held back by the fact that WE HAVE NO RUNNING GAME!!! Util "Mastermind" finds the next Sixth Round MVP Runner, this team will still be Januray also-rans.

  • December 1, 2006

    1:01 PM

    Tortooga writes:

    Why would you call Plummer unprofessional? I agree that he might not have been playing well, but just because he wears comfortable clothes, doesn't shave, and drives a car you don't like, does that make him unprofessional? Jake won a LOT of games in Denver. He took the team to the AFC championship game last year and he did that without *gasp* SHAVING. Only an idiot would say that Jake is unprofessional. Only an unprofessional cartoonist would even mention one's looks when discussing his football play.
    I'm very disappointed!

  • December 1, 2006

    10:05 PM

    tired of subjective media writes:

    From what his fellow teammates have said, Jake has been nothing but professional since his relegation to backup duty. He is running the practice squad without complaint, and will still hold for Jason Elam on extra points and field goals. He is still doing what it takes to help his team win. It is true that his skills as an affective QB have all but disappeared this year, but that doesn't call for his being openly criticized because of the car he drives or the way he looks. Let's stick to the the facts, like the one that in an era of prima donnas and spoiled athletes who would rather sit and home and watch their teammates on TV than have reduced playing time (let alone a demotion to holder), Jake's actions have been a breath of fresh air. He should be praised more for the classy way that he has handled the situation and ridiculed less because certain people just don't like him.

  • December 2, 2006

    8:59 AM

    KCBH writes:

    Come on guys, Jake did act like a damn fool more than once in the last few years. You have never seen Trent Green (qb,Chiefs,2nd place,afc west) act like this. Maybe it is because he acts and plays like a real pro qb.

    Drew, I wished you would have done a toon about that HUGE loss in KC on
    Thanksgiving. You could have shown donkfans acting thankful that the Chiefs got your starting qb benched.

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