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December 25, 2006 12:00 AM



Whew. What a week. And quite a game. I know the Broncos are more than glad to escape from the Bengals game with a win. After digging out from all the snow and the hustle and bustle of the season none of us needed the extra stress this game brought. But it was fun wasn't it?

I drew my cartoon at my mother-in law's house since we were spending our Christmas Eve there. I had to send on my apple laptop and had a few problems configuring the thing to send via AOL. Finally got it working but it was pretty hectic there for awhile. We had Chili earlier in the day and usually our custom for Christmas Eve is to have Tamales from Tamale Kitchen. But when my wife, Marcia, and I got home after the game, we decided to have waffles. It could be the new Litton family traditon.

I'd love to hear about some of the traditions you have or maybe what your all-time favorite Christmas/Hanukkah present was. Let's get a dialogue going this week between Christmas and New Years about some of the things we do during this time of year.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all. Thanks for reading and making my life so greatly blessed.


  • December 25, 2006

    1:27 AM

    Mike writes:

    Drew, the newly discovered Broncos big-play passing game was great! The Champ and supporting defensive cast did OK. Just.
    Thank St. Louis for his Xmas gift.

    Xmas traditions at Mike's house in Denver were 1) using a rickety wood ladder to hang our lights. The lights had to be in random order with no consecutive repeated colors; 2) turkey lunch at my house, attended by the neighbors, followed by turkey at the neighbor's house for dinner; 3) the dog eventually getting to the garbage sack containing the turkey bones and wrestling the bones from the dog (this always happened at both houses); 4) Dad holding out the best Xmas gift until later in the day when I had played myself stupid with the other toys; and 5) if the Donks were playing on or near Xmas day, Mom putting her season ticket in my (empty) cereal bowl so I could go with Dad to the game. God Bless you Mom!

    All the best to you Drew, your family, and all the other comment contibutors for a wonderful Christmas, a great New Year, and a joyous holiday season.


  • December 25, 2006

    10:15 AM

    Dwayne writes:

    Does anyone notice Culter's reaction to the blitz. I love the ho-hum attitude. "Oh, a pass rush, guess I'll throw it now".

    No real traditions growing up. Although I've received a Tim Horton's (Canada, and upper North US) mug the last three years from my wife who is Canadian.
    Favorite gift of all-time is probably my Broncos coat that I got in 1997, and was amazed to see how many people have the same one in 2003 when I went to a game. Had a guy in Kansas accuse me of buying it only because the Broncos were winning.
    Ironically, my wife just bought me another one, same as Shanny wore yesterday in fact.

  • December 25, 2006

    11:04 AM

    Steven writes:

    Man, that cartoon just says it all Drew, close one there! I will now concede on the Cutler/Plummer debate, Jay is doing a great job and I sure have enjoyed watching him.

    Christmas traditions? Well, every Christmas Eve our family sits down for a chicken wing dinner followed afterwards by a nice big birthday cake for Jesus (corny I know). My best gift this year was my Bradlee Van Pelt broncos jersey, of all time? I really coudn't say.

  • December 26, 2006

    3:01 AM

    Tom writes:


    Lucky as hell.

    First off, the refs blew the call on the long pass to the 2 yard line or whatever. The receiver was not in complete control of the ball when his feet were on the turf. The ball clearly was moving.

    Second....give me a break. A muffed extra point by the other team and the Donkeys are acting like...."No big deal....we had it in the bag. We won."

    No...the Donkeys were LUCKY and the refs did them many favors. I sincerely hope Denver chokes against San Francisco. They don't deserve to take another team's spot in the playoffs.
    And a reminder....Cutler is not Elway....so get that through your head everyone. He's a rookie. He doesn't know squat. He's playing on simple adrenaline right now. It will not last.

  • December 26, 2006

    8:27 AM

    Randy writes:

    Drew, I've read your strip for years. Keep up the good work!!

    I moved my family from Denver to New Jersey a few years ago and decided we needed a new tradition to go aloing with the move. So now Christmas dinner consists of inch thick Porterhouse steaks grilled on the deck. I need to be more careful though. Yesterday the fire got going a little too good and I singed the hair on my arm...but the steak was good,

    Thanks for your perspective from a lonely Broncos fan in Joisey.

  • December 26, 2006

    8:30 AM

    MJ writes:

    Whats wrong Tom, did the Broncos take your precious Bengals out of the playoffs? Doesn't matter if they win by 1 or 100. Denver won. The Bengals not being able to convert an extra point ( The easiest points in any sport! ) does not mean the Broncos got lucky. That just proves the Bengals suck.

  • December 26, 2006

    9:39 AM

    charlie writes:

    Wow what a game! Did you notice how the ghosts of Mile High Christmas past came out of the turf to screw up the Bengals kick? That's what TJ Hosyomomma gets for degrading the Mile High Salute! Or maybe its karma for having so many felons on the team, is it true that Cinci is changing their uniforms to black and white stripes and their names to the Ohio Raiders?

    For traditions we usually let the kids open one gift the night before and the rest in the morning. Then we spend the afternoon travelling to family's homes in the area.

  • December 26, 2006

    11:23 AM

    Ian writes:

    Tom are you a distraught Bungals fan? The "missed call" you speak of was one of the better catches of the year in the NFL, and a good call by the officials. You can call it whatever you want, but the final score indicates the winners of the game. No need to compare Cutler to Elway. Most of us live in the present, and Cutler is the present. He showed great poise in that game, especially during the 99 yard drive in the fourth quarter. You could not ask anymore of a rookie qb.

    Maybe Tom's sleep patterns (note the time of his posting) cause a warped sense of reality/confusion. Don't count on a Denver loss to San Francisco - it won't be happening buddy! So start coming up with excuses for that one, I am sure you will need the preparation (H).

    Thanks for your work Drew - I love you cartoons.

  • December 26, 2006

    11:33 AM

    MJ writes:

    I am guessing that is what time Tom finally stopped crying about the game. And that catch was awesome and the refs made the correct call.

  • December 26, 2006

    1:58 PM

    Zman writes:

    The catch could have gone either way. Great attempt. If it had been called incomplete, there wasnt enough to overturn and thus I think is the reason the call stood as called.

    What I LOVED was The Commodore zipping the ball down the field. For some reason, it just looks like he has a more efficient and strong delivery than Jake. Commodore Cutler just pulls the ball back and ZOOM the skin just flies.

    Broncs gotta be careful with San Francisco. Frank Gore is a load to stop and they have just a good enough passing attack to make it interesting. CLEARLY this should be a game that Denver should win, but they need to do it convincingly. No more of this flubbed up extra point stuff...my heart just cant take it anymore...

  • December 26, 2006

    2:06 PM

    Tom writes:

    No, I am not a bengals fan. I just hate seeing any team get screwed. Pretty simple. It's pretty obvious that the NFL wants denver in the playoffs rather than some other teams. It's the way leagues run things. The NHL has been doing it for years. Why should the NFL be any different?

  • December 26, 2006

    4:32 PM

    MJ writes:

    The league wants Denver in the playoffs? SO what you are saying is the NFL is the reason the Bungles missed that extra point because they wanted to screw the Bungles and put Denver in the playoffs?? Give me a break! Tom, who do you support then??

  • December 26, 2006

    5:49 PM

    Bronc in C Springs writes:

    Hey Tom,

    You know what??? I bet there's something larger going on here! It's one big conspiracy theory....thats what it is!

    I bet all the league owners met at some point last week and took a vote on who should make the playoffs. Because many of the team owners own vacation homes in CO, they voted Denver in for a possibility to take a week in the beautiful Rcky Mtns. THAT'S exactly what happened...........a league conspiracy to screw the Bengals out of the playoffs (because who wants convicts playing for a championship anyway) . WOW, you hit the nail on the head Tom. Never really thought about it until your last post. You're absolutely brilliant......

    Get Real..............excuses only show the true weakness' of people.

    Denver Won.....Cinci Lost......end of story.

  • December 26, 2006

    5:59 PM

    Steven writes:

    Please stop the hating Tom, you can't call that catch a lock either way, the extra point was only for the tie, and the Bengals had plenty of chances to win. Past that, yeah, we were lucky as Broncos fans with that win.

    The Broncos better play darn good next week, if there's one game that I might call a trap game for next week, Denver vs. San Fran would be it. The niners, while not overwhelmingly impressive, are looking potentially dangerous for next year and they will want to prove that with a win on their last game. Not that I'm worried or anything mind you.

  • December 26, 2006

    8:11 PM

    Tom writes:

    I happen to like harping on the Donkeys. Deal with it. I find it very funny that you people are killing yourselves hopping on and off the bandwagon. I am at least consistent if not well liked.
    Cutler is not going to keep anywhere near the pace he has been going at. He's hasn't played a decent team yet. He can throw the bomb and get help from a ref. He's got a big arm, but you know what? None of that matters if the Broncos struggle to keep pace with teams like the crappy Bengals. The Arizona Cardinals? Please.
    The Donks are ripe for a serious letdown against the 49ers. May not happen, but there is a big chance it will happen. The Bengals should have put the Donks to bed in the first quarter. The Donks got lucky.
    Assuming Denver makes the playoffs.....there is no chance that they beat either Peyton or Tom. Will not happen. Shanahan cannot win without Elway. Period.

  • December 27, 2006

    7:36 AM

    MJ writes:

    Tom, Cutler played the Chargers. I look for them to take it all this year. I would say they are a decent team. And i would have to say the Broncos did more than keep pace with the Bengals and Cardinals. And Tom, you say you are "well liked"? It doesn't appear so on here!!

  • December 27, 2006

    6:31 PM

    Dwayne writes:

    Tommy my boy....I go away for a couple of days, and missed this!!!

    I just got of the phone with conspiricy central...they're too busy with the second shooter behind the grassy knoll theory to worry about the outcome of a football game.

    And yes, Cutler has faced a good team...San Diego. Which is where he started getting it all together. Further more, it's not about trying to win Super bowl XLI, it's about getting Cutler some important games down the stretch, and hopefully a playoff game so he has experience for next season.

    By the way, the standings only include wins, loses, and ties...nothing in the ledger for ugly wins. A win is a win my boy, and the Broncos won. As for you're little conspericy....good teams overcome bad calls. Bad teams snap the ball like nervous little school girls. Fact is, Cincy had their chance....bad call or not.

  • December 27, 2006

    7:52 PM

    Tom writes:

    I think it's insanely humerous that most of you get this uptight at me poking fun at the Broncos.
    Yes, Cutler played an excellent team. The Chargers. And he got toasted. The only reason Cutler has won the games he has is because he's been very lucky, he's gotten help, and he has won against crappy teams who have made his job easier by beating themselves. Cutler hasn't beaten a team yet on his own. When that happens, then I'll shut up. Let him win a game under pressure with a last minute TD (not a field goal) drive on the road at say....New England in the playoffs in January....then we'll talk about him being the next greatest thing. I will remain unconvinced until that day that Cutler is more than a big arm in a jersey who has yet to do anything but allow some people to THINK of John Elway again. John Elway is not coming back. Cutler is not the NEXT Elway. Elway is RETIRED. Cutler is a decent, serviceable QB who will take the reins for a year or two, andf the Broncos will realize him for what he is....an average quarterback who was drafted higher than he should have been. Several players are drafted on potential. Most don't live up to it. All I'm saying is...Cutler won't.

  • December 27, 2006

    7:55 PM

    Tom writes:


    Try reading my posts.

    I said....at least I am consistent, if NOT well liked.

    I really don't care if I'm liked. This is a public board. I comment as I see fit. So does everyone else. It's a blog. I'm just ripping on the Broncos because I think they are an overhyped team.

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