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December 9, 2006 12:00 AM

The Sky's the Limit


All this spending in Baseball means two things. One: We will all pay more for our baseball tickets, and, Two: The Rockies will jack up your ticket prices too even though they aren't one of the ballclubs spending money. What a racket the Rockies have turned into. They ask the fans to pay more and give them less. Although I must admit. It does kind of sound like the American way.



  • December 9, 2006

    8:05 AM

    Dwayne writes:

    Major sports in general are all overpriced. Hockey did the right thing after the lockout when most teams dropped ticket prices. Baseball will never change though. The owners are raking in dough, and so are the players. The losers in the whole mess besides the fans, are the smaller market teams like the Rockies, and Royals. The Rockies payroll isn't even equal to the total the Boston Red Sox paid just to NEGOTIATE with the dude from Japan. That's where baseball is going wrong in some ways. Smaller market teams are forced to build through their minor league affiliates. Then when their players rise to the Majors, and become stars the large market leaches overpay to sign them away because they can afford to do that. End result...the Yankees have yet to win a Series with their all-star cast. All of their titles in the 90s before they started signing every all-star that became a free agent.

  • December 9, 2006

    11:25 AM

    G. Steinbrenner writes:

    Simply put.....the rest of the MLB teams ARE the Yankees farm system. As Dwayne said....those other teams spend money developing that talent for YEARS, and then when the player or players actually do blossom, it's time for the Yanks to swoop in and sign them. It's stupid! It's also obvious as hell, and high time to do something about it. Selig cannot retire soon enough.

  • December 10, 2006

    12:08 AM

    MJ writes:

    The best thing for baseball right now is a salary cap. Look at who has won the last few world series. With payrolls near 100 million dollars, teams like Colorado, Minnesota, Oakland, Kansas City cannot compete. Although Minnesota and Oakland are usually pretty good during the regular season, the lack the funding to bring in those few extra guys to help them over the hump. Those are the guys being payed millions by Boston and NY to ride the bench.

  • December 11, 2006

    3:01 PM

    Kaye Tillman writes:

    Let's be real about this. The financial health of most American businesses aren't secrets. The financial market can predict earnings of corporations to within one penny per share per year. We have all the data we need to understand truly how much revenue the Rockies are bringing in, and the contract details of radio, television, the lease at Coors Field, attendance, and concession sales are all public knowledge. Forbes magazine publishes revenue numbers for all MLB teams every year. This year we found out something very interesting. The Monfort bros. are crying that they have no money, but it turns out they spend only 28% of all revenues on player payroll. The MLB average is close to 50%. The Rockies aren't even spending what they do have. Payroll could double and the Rockies would still be a middle of the road club very close the MLB average for payroll as a metric of revenue. Clubs trying to compete spend even more. Sure the Yankees have more money, but they also spend close to 80% of every dollar they take in directly on player payroll. Only one team in all of MLB ispends a lower proportion of all revenues on player payroll than the Rockies. The Monforts get rich and collected a $16 million dollar revenue sharing check to stuff in their bulging pockets. Welcome fans to Coors Field!

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