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January 1, 2007 11:16 AM

Broncos down and out


It has not been a pleasant New Year's. The Broncos are out of the playoffs and now the tragic news about Darrent Williams. If there ever was a dark day for Broncomania, today is that day.


  • January 1, 2007

    12:34 PM

    Jacques writes:

    Dark day. Well....these thing happen in daily life, so we shouldn't be surprised that this happens to pro athletes. News reports are saying that Darrent Williams was involved in an "altercation." Now....was this because he did something? Was it over a woman? Was it drugs? Will we ever know?

  • January 1, 2007

    1:36 PM

    Clarke Evans writes:

    Hey Denver fans, now is the time to demand for a clean sweep of players and in particular the Head Coach. We have suffered under the helm of Shanahan long enough. His "Oh well, better luck next season" attitude has gone on long enough. Just because he can make mean faces and look tough on TV DOES NOT MAKE HIM A GOOD COACH! He inherited the Super Bowl teams, that were, let's face it, coached by John Elway (at least all the offensive plays were called by #7). He has since disapointed us Denver fans EVERY single year since. He is good at finding Running Backs, that is for sure. He should be a Running Back Coach somewhere.
    Let's start next season off as a transition season and get some players and a coach that want to build another Championship Team.

    -Very Disgruntled Denver Fan

  • January 1, 2007

    2:34 PM

    Joseph writes:

    Jacques- To trivialize this tragedy by asking why it happened is pointless. No matter what the reason, it still won't make it any less tragic or make it any easier to accept. Darrent Williams is dead and even if he insulted your mom in an alleged "altercation" he didn't deserve to die... Nor does anyone for that matter... But the real hope is that the individuals responsible will be brought to justice. I spent yesterday sulking in the aftermath of the Broncos lost season, now I will spend the rest of my life thinking about the only loss that matters... the loss of a life. R.I.P Darrent--- Your up in heaven now bobbin' your head with your crazy hair... I'm going to miss that.

  • January 1, 2007

    3:19 PM

    Steven writes:

    It wasn't a pretty loss to be sure, and this whole situation with Darrent Williams just makes things worse. I know a lot of people here bad-mouthed him for being a poor CB, but I personally liked him a lot, it'll be tough without him.

  • January 1, 2007

    3:25 PM

    Jacques writes:


    I'm not trivializing anything.

    There is a difference. If Darrent was an innocent bystander it's one thing. If he was involved in something that he shouldn't have been, then it's another. Too many pro athletes get themselves into illegal or immoral activities that it doesn't surprise me one bit when one of them eventually ends up making the news this way.
    I'm specualting, but I'm speculating with a reason. I'm not saying anyone deserves to die. I am saying that sometimes people don't do what they need to, to keep themselves out of that kind of situation that puts them in harms way. A night club isn't the safest place any night, but especially not on New Year's eve. I have my feeling that Darrent was involved in something he shouldn't have been involved in with people that he should not have been around.

  • January 1, 2007

    4:10 PM

    Tom writes:


    This is an interesting story from the Denver Post.

    I think it's safe to say that it's likely that Mr. Williams was not all that innocent of a person.

    Excerptfrom this story to give you a taste:

    Klis: So to review your upbringing, there's no dad around, no older siblings for influence, and all of Broncoland can see you're a rambunctious sort. I'm guessing you were a handful and then some for Mom?

    Williams: Oh, yeah, a lot of times, Mom had two jobs. So I was left to hang around with friends or cousins. I was running the streets, getting into trouble. I was going down the wrong way for a while.

    Klis: How old were you during your wild years?

    Williams: Probably from the time I was 12 until I was 17. I was hanging around the wrong people. I was hanging around gang members. The local Crips had people I called friends.

    Klis: Uh, excuse me while I gulp.

    Williams: I wasn't really a Crip, or part of any gang, but some people might have thought I was because I was affiliated with some of them.

    The past can come and get you. Maybe in Darrent's case, the demons followed.

  • January 1, 2007

    8:22 PM

    Ivory Greathouse Jr writes:

    Jacques, you don't know so until the truth comes out SHUT THE HELL UP. By the way is it a woman or drugs that makes fools like you offer assinine speculations.

  • January 1, 2007

    10:02 PM

    Jacques writes:

    Ivory....I'm stunned at your complete lack of consideration for me. I hope you find time to apologize to me. I have knowingly done nothing to offend you directly. I am just speculating like everyone else. I am well within my rights as a U.S. citizen to say whatever I wish. It's called freedom of speech. If I have touched a nerve with you, chalk it up to me providing you a free education.

  • January 2, 2007

    2:04 AM

    Reggie From Alabama writes:

    After posting a comment on the first article by Drew, I see Jacque has posted something on the article to. It show's me that Jacque is like a guy in my hometown in Waterloo, Ia who always poststatements that are out of touch with reality. I just wonder idf he interacts with people on a regular basis? WHAT HAS MADE THIS MAN (Jacque) SO BITTER, AND FILLED WITH SO MUCH HATE.As I stated in the other comment, I'll pray for him, and hope he never suffer a tragical situation, and then triys to find someone to comfort him, and can't find anyone .

  • January 2, 2007

    7:25 AM

    john writes:

    jacques -
    wow. we're all so blessed to have a first-rate first amendment scholar like yourself around to make sure we all TRULY understand what our forefathers had in mind for this country. i, for one, am so glad you're here to remind us all that NOT ONLY did they want to make sure we could criticize our government without fear of reprisal, but that we could, with the first amendment as our shield, open our mouths or wield our pens (or keyboards) with whatever unnecessary, inappropriate or vitriolic opinion that might cross our feeble little minds. so that we can, at any whim, disseminate all manner of ignorance and freely offend without though or care for the feelings of any other citizen of our great land.
    bless you, oh great professor jacques, and thank you for this 'free education' which you have so graciously provided us.

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