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January 11, 2007 12:00 AM

Two-faced Nick


I used to be a Nick Saban fan. One of my brothers, Allan, and my good friend Dr. Chris Courtney are both LSU fans so I kind of followed along. I always loved Pete Maravich, the legendary basketball star for LSU so it just seemed like a good school to root for. Then Saban left after telling everyone in Baton Rouge he wasn't. Now he leaves Miami the same way. It's clear the guy's just a liar and a snake and I think it is going to catch up to him at Alabama. He has no crediblity to recruit and you can bet LSU and Auburn will see to that. I can't stand greed. It just does ugly things to people.

The cartoon was an interesting test in trying to draw a two-faced guy whose face is not necessarily the easiest to caricature.

Half-a-loaf Lou and two-faced Nick. It does run in the family.



  • January 11, 2007

    10:03 AM

    good ol' george writes:

    We are familiar with a similar coach from our part of the country who probably inspired Nick Saban. Dennis Erickson has jumped from job to job, all at his own doing - Idaho, Wyoming, Washington State, Miami, the Seahawks in the NFL, Oregon State, the 49ers, back to Idaho, and he's now at Arizona State. The man cannot keep still. Saban likely has the same problem.

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