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February 24, 2007 12:00 AM



I'll never understand why the NFL continues to hire coaches who have been hired and fired and hired and fired. It's not like moving to a new city is going to suddenly make them compentent coaches. Some guys just aren't made to be head coaches and it just boggles my mind when you have young guys who are up and coming but they don't get a chance because retreads get the job. Trust me. Turner and Wade won't be in thier jobs very long. But they'll probably both get fitfth chances.

Hope you all have a good weekend.



  • February 24, 2007

    11:48 PM

    Sapper writes:

    Wow. I cam on here thinking there was going to be a simple discussion on coaching topics.

    "Get some rest little fella"
    and an F-bomb. Geez.

    BTW - Condolences to Damien Nash's family. That sucks.

  • February 25, 2007

    12:00 AM

    Tom writes:

    My condolences also to the Nash family. This has been a terrible year for the NFL, NBA, and well...the world in general.


    Chad. Mike. Both of you go to your respective corners, eh? Good god men. Cheer up.

    Or did someone here get all ticked off by the Nuggies getting completely rocked down in Dallas and the Avs, well....going out with a whimper out on the Coast. Interesting how Rob Blake came back to drive the final nail in that coffin. And the Avs PAID Rob $2Million to do it. Man, that is funny stuff. Hey...Drew...that would make a good toon. Do you still remember how to draw Blake? Maybe an idea for this week?

    Okay. R.I.P. Damien. Hardly knew ye.

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