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March 11, 2007 3:03 PM

Spring Training 2007 Day 3


It's back to Hi Corbett as the Rockies face the Royals in Tucson. There's a bit larger crowd here on a Sunday and that always helps the atmosphere. I spent some time sketching as the Rockies took batting practice just letting my pen wander where ever it wants to go with an idea or concept. It was selection Sunday for the NCAA so I factored that in as well as the Rox looking at two pitchers, Josh Fogg and Byung-Hyun Kim, who are vying for the fifth spot in the rotation.

One change I've noticed is the music that the Rockies have playing for batting practice. In years passed they always begun the day with "It's A Beautiful Morning" by the Young Rascals. This year the music is much harder edged. I think changes like that can be beneficial to a teams psyche, which is very key for the Rox this season. They have to believe they can win before they can. There's no doubt this team has much more talent that ever before, but molding that into a winner is the question of this Spring Training.







  • March 31, 2007

    4:39 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    As the proud owner of a Chuck Jones RoadRunner original, I kinda like this one! :-)

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