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March 14, 2007 11:45 PM

Spring Training 2007 Day 6


This wraps up my cartoon sketchbook from Arizona. It's been a lot of fun to spend some time getting a glimpse of the team and what lies ahead for them. I've got a few parting thoughts about Spring Training to leave you with.

1. I think the Rockies will be entertaining and, yes, somewhat competitive to watch this season. They've patched a few holes in the bullpen, their young talent looks like it is maturing and Helton looks healthy and ready to play.
2.Remember the name Tulowitzki. You might hear it in an all-star lineup someday.
3.Chris Ianneta will be the best catcher the Rockies have seen since Joe Girardi.
4. Pitcher Jason Hirsh will make us all forget Jason Jennings.
5. The games between the Rockies and the Padres will go 15 rounds. There will be a brawl, just a matter of when.
6. The Rockies will probably finish 3 or 4 in the division.
7. Bring sunscreen to avoid coming home beet red.
8. Try Chuy's and El Charro if you are in Tucson.
9. In with the Helton beard out with the Plummer one.
10. Pray for new Rockies owners.

My next cartoon will be Saturday when I tackle the topic of Bracketology.

Til' then,




Just a light sketch about twin sons of different beards


  • March 15, 2007

    11:05 PM

    Tom writes:

    11. The Rockies will lose 100 games this season.
    12. Helton will finally be traded to a contender.
    13. Hurdle will be fired at some point during or right after the season.

  • March 15, 2007

    11:54 PM

    Jeremy writes:

    Bold predictions Tom! Do you feel pretty confident with these predictions, or are they like your previous prediction of "Carmelo Anthony sitting the whole All-Star game"? Oops.

    Just "stirring the pot", I know how much you like it.

    Take care.

  • March 18, 2007

    10:48 PM

    Greg writes:

    Hurdle's firing is a sure thing. The writing on the wall is that Vinny Castill is the Rockies manager come 2008. The Monforts hope to assuage fans with a favorite player running the show. Maybe they should realize instead that payroll should somehow resemble revenues.

    Helton won't be traded to a contender because he will block all trades. He'd be exposed for what he is away from Coors Field, a product of altitude that has done NOTHING since steoid testing began. Helton's worst seasons have come at the same age where previous Rockies hitters had their best seasons. He hasn't just slipped or had diminishing skills, but every season he takes another step downward. For 2007 expect a .290 hitter.
    The Rockies do have a very good roster. They are a decent ownership group (and a bullpen) away from actually winning the division. They'll easily win 75 games and possibly 82-84.

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