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April 27, 2007 6:00 AM

A-Rod's April



  • April 27, 2007

    8:12 AM

    Brian Florom writes:

    I wonder if Drew could imagine Stephen Hawking doing back flips on his weightless flight.

  • April 27, 2007

    8:52 AM

    good ol' george writes:

    Don't worry, A-Rod will cool off in the post-season - just enough for the (pick one: Giants/Cardinals/Reds) to win the World Series.

  • May 1, 2007

    12:58 AM

    Norm Clarke writes:

    Hey Drew:
    There's still nothing better than starting the day with Win, Lose & Drew. OK, call it a tie with a chocolate croissant.

  • May 1, 2007

    8:53 AM

    Mike Curry writes:

    If you subtract each player's BB's from their AB's total and divide the number of at-bats by the number of home runs, Barry Bond's bat is hotter than A-Rod's. Less than 5 at bats per home run.

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