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April 13, 2007 5:00 AM

Bonds vs. Robinson



  • April 13, 2007

    6:36 AM

    Ace writes:

    Thank you for pointing out the most glaring and important fact of modern baseball... The guys today may be able to beat the records and post impressive numbers but not one of them can match the quality of character and love of the game that made "America's pastime" what it was. When money is the most important thing to the players then we should not be surprised that they lie, cheat, steal and act like scum in order to make more of it.

  • April 13, 2007

    8:12 AM

    clyde writes:

    Baseball is all about money and what you can get away with. It's so sad to see how the game has changed just since the early 70's. This drawning really shows how I feel.

  • April 13, 2007

    9:26 AM

    Mark writes:

    Great cartoon.

  • April 13, 2007

    9:49 AM

    Iz writes:

    Great Cartoon... However,

    Wasn't it baseball players who had the gambling issues like the black sox:?? and Pete Rose??? How can you guys say "quality of character" baseball players never cared about $$$. Wasn't the Babe a drunk and womanizer? C'mon, Americas past time is making money, from the guy on a team to any joe in the stadium, this country is all about the bills. Stop fooling yourselves! Back then players just didn't have the constant media exposure we have today! The players haven't changed it's us the fans who have changed. Nice guys don't make the lineup, it's the gusy hitting HR's that do, Give me a roster with nice guys and i'll show you an empty stadium.

  • April 13, 2007

    12:37 PM

    Badger writes:

    I've never had it fully explained to my why I had to hate Barry Bonds. He's no more of a cheater than McGwire (this coming from a Cards fan) and no more of a jerk or overpaid than 96% of Big Three athletes.

    The only thing I can come up with is the Media doesn't like him. Well, they didn't like soccer, hybrid cars or sushi, and they were wrong about those, too.

  • April 13, 2007

    3:37 PM

    Mike writes:

    Hey Ace

    Ty Cobb and his racist buddies are on line one hoping to discuss the quality of character that made America's pasttime what it was. Remember, there's a reason we celebrate Jackie Robinson -- because during what some would call baseball's glory days, the league was racist and segregated. Oh yeah, fine character built this game.

  • April 16, 2007

    12:28 PM

    Ace writes:

    I have two boys and I hope that they both can take the qualities of the original players of the game in lieu of the qualities of the recent player and make them goals of their lives. Of course, the players of yesteryear had problems, they were racists, drunks, womanizers, cads, jerks, cheats and the like but the simple fact is that we are all human. Fame and money will corrupt the best of us. The difference is that kids (and their parents) these days are looking for the money and looking for the glory even if they don't quite like the game anymore. I see 10 year kids being forced out of the game because they are not as good as others. I see a kid who has blown his shoulder at 13 and I have to wonder if we are teaching our kids the FUN and ENJOYMENT of playing a game. I want to win (and i want my kids to do better than everyone else) but not to the detriment of having fun. If you don't like playing the game then don't.

    Above all we as Americans have decided that if you are good at playing a game then you can get away with everything (gambling, drugs, attitude, etc.). The qualities of the players of 50 years ago, as a hole not just as indivuals (Thomas Jefferson had slaves, does that make him less of a president today?) than the selfish, self-centered, money-grubbing jerks of today. Don't get me wrong there are quality players today but the percentage of quality human beings that play baseball (or basketball, football, hockey, soccer, etc.) is far less than it was 10 years ago and it has to do with our, the fans, willingness to forgive anything for the WIN instead of insisting good people who can also play.

    Iz you are the reason there are morons and jerks playing today. You want a great team no matter the cost. ALL HAIL the idiot that doesn't care about raising generations of good people but would prefer generations of players who don't care about anything other than money..... and we wonder why the world is more violent and uncaring than ever before.

  • April 20, 2007

    12:06 PM

    Iz writes:

    Ace im not the reason those guys are on the field. Im just pointing out the reality of it bud!!

    The problem seems to be that people put these guys on pedestils instead of treating them like people like the rest of us. Im not for what they are doing, it's just the reality. Raise your kids right and you have nothing to worry about, but athletes should not be the ones raising generations.

    The world is more violent cuz of people like you calling me an idiot and closing your eye to reality.

    The first step to changing a behavior is to recognize it's existence. Not to blame it only on current players and say the old ones were angels!

  • April 20, 2007

    1:30 PM

    Iz writes:

    P.S., ACE how many Rockies games do you attend a year?

    I remember b4 Melo the nuggest couldn't even GIVE the tickets away for Free!!

    Why are the seats full now?

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