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April 2, 2007 12:00 AM

Yeah for Opening Day


I'm blogging this cartoon again just in case :
A. You missed it. It didn't show up on some of the website over the weekend so it might have slipped between the cracks and
B. To let you know that I'll be blogging some sketches from Coors Field and opening day this afternoon and I'll have a full page of stuff from the ballpark on Tuesday in the Rocky and here online. Hope you'll check it out.
Also I wanted to let you know that FSN Rocky Mountain will have a really cool show this afteroon scheduled for 5:30 about the top ten Sports Moments in Colorado histrory. You've got to watch this out and I highly advise you to tape it or Tivo it because it should be memorable. The folks at FSN have interviewed a lot of people (myself included along with some cartoons) and will have some great footage of the top 10 moments. Tune in.

This blog is a year old today. I started it as a way to share with you some of my creative process and some thoughts I have about Sports and life in general. I also started it to hear your comments and hopefully to start a sort of community of Sports fans in this little spot in cyberspace. For the most part it has worked out well. I still encourage your feedback and any thoughts you might have about the blog. I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by. It means so much to know you look at the cartoons and I hope you keep coming back for a long time to come.



  • April 2, 2007

    5:41 PM

    Mike writes:


    Happy 1 year anniversary! Hope the game is going well. Don't see too much of the Rox from SoCal.

    I love the blog, seeing your sketches, and your fans' reactions.

    Keep up the great work!


  • April 2, 2007

    7:27 PM

    Rockies Wasteland writes:

    One down and 161 to go. Here is hoping the Rocks lose every game this year. It is time for the Monforts to go. Opening day used to be exciting for me but with the Monforts running the team into the ground and the incompetent manager and GM, I have come to dread opening day as a reminder of what could have been. I was there that first home game on April 9, 1993. The Monforts have killed the goose the laid the golden egg. I will NOT attend a Rockies game as long as the Monforts own this team.

    Is it football season yet? Bring on the Broncos and college football. Hey Monforts, watch how Pat Bowlen at least tries to make his team better from year to year.

  • April 2, 2007

    11:19 PM

    Misled writes:

    How's that? The Rockies want to be a winner? They want to win their division?


    Good luck.

    I really feel for Todd Helton. How can he possibly not want to be away from this mess permanently? He has dealt with incompetent owners, GM's, and managers. He has dealt with players around him who refuse to hustle. He has been the good guy for FAR too long. He needs to demand a trade. It would be nice to see him on a team like the Padres, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Mets....hell, ANYONE who would give this guy an honest chance to play for a pennant. The Rockies should do the honorable thing and literally give him away for a measly dollar. One dollar. Just hand him over to someone who will take care of him and do the good thing by allowing him to escape the endless death spiral which is the Rockies existence under the current ownership/management.

    Demand a trade Todd. Get out while you can still play.

  • April 3, 2007

    8:10 AM

    Greg Lenderink writes:

    All this pessimism! Y'all can't be true baseball fans. I'd almost bet you aren't Colorado Natives! The Rockies have only been here 12 years and already some of ya are soundin' like old Bo' Sox fans. Y'all are whinin' that the Monforts aren't spendin' money like Steinbrenner, when in fact, they did & what did that get us?

    We stuck with the Broncos for more than twice as many years before gettin' the Back-to-Back Trophies and the Avs have given us 2 Cups in less time than the Rockies have been around. Maybe, just maybe, a little patience is in order. Besides, with baseball its more fun to enjoy the game, win or lose, than it is to stew and fret about not winning the Division, the NL or the Series.

    C'mon, follow Drew's lead enjoy the game like yer 10 again!

  • April 3, 2007

    10:58 AM

    Rockies Wasteland writes:

    That would be a bet you would lose. Lifetime Colorado resident that is tired of the poor product the Monforts have been allowed to put on the field. It is time for them to sell the Rocks and move on. What you don't get is the Broncos were always trying to get better, even hiring and signing all those Cowboy rejects, Morton, Dorsett, Reeves etc., but the Rockies ownership isn't even putting forth a good faith effort.

  • April 3, 2007

    11:56 AM

    MJ writes:

    Hang in there Rocky fans!! Look at the Twins. They suffered 10+ years of crappy baseball. Now look where they are at. The Rockies have one of the best farm systems in the league. Keep faith.

  • April 3, 2007

    12:46 PM

    Misled writes:

    The Rockies are not even remotely close to being the Twins. The Twins are a very well run franchise. The Rockies are an absolute mess of a franchise.
    And the Avs were a ready made contender when they arrived from Quebec. Then they lucked out with Roy basically demanding a trade from Montreal. Roy could have ended up with anyone. He just happened to end up in Colorado. Same thing with Bourque.
    The Rockies are a sad excuse for a MLB team. Giving Hurdle and O'Dowd extensions proves that point. If I did below average work at my job, I wouldn't have one. How these managers/GM's get free passes on full seasons of imcompetence is beyond me.

  • April 4, 2007

    9:09 AM

    Greg Lenderink writes:

    The problem the Rockies have to deal with is one that no other baseball team has to deal with--pitching at altitude. I truly believe the humidor has solved much of that issue. The media has hammered the idea that balls fly so much further here that players believe it. In reality, the percentage they fly further is too small to be an issue. Move the fence back 18" and the issue is solved. Coors' fence already further back, so that is a non-issue.

    What remains is the fact that no high level, already-proven pitcher is going to want to pitch at Coors Field until that myth has been dispelled, which isn't likely to happen until the Rockies can consistently make the playoffs. This creates a Catch-22 type situation. The very pitchers & the very players who want to back those pitchers don't want to come to Coors Field, regardless of the money the Rockies are willing to spend. So instead, the Rockies must build a system from within with players that may not be seen as the best in their profession, but in the end will prove they are better that those unwilling to come wear a purple uniform.

    There's a lot more to this than lousy management & cheap owners. Personally, I think the media has given management & ownership more of a bad rap than they deserve. Granted, they haven't been shining stars of great decision making, but it could be a lot worse. The Jim Leyland/Buddy Bell era was a disaster. Neither had the enthusiasm to motivate the team.

    We need to be thankful we have an MLB team to even criticize. We are dealing with the very issues now that kept MLB from bringing a team here for so many year. Let's prove 'em wrong.

  • April 4, 2007

    12:43 PM

    Misled writes:

    Move it back 18 INCHES?

    I hope you meant 18 FEET.

  • April 5, 2007

    8:41 AM

    Greg Lenderink writes:

    I meant 18 INCHES.

    The distance the ball flies further due to less air resistance is only a fraction of a percentage. If it was feet or yards, then a Broncos kicker should literally kick the ball into or out of the endzone EVERY kick & ALL the fences at Coors would all have to be +400'. I was a placekicker in HS & altitude made little difference. I've kicked off in altitude as high as 8000' & as low 1000'. My distance didn't change enough to show up in stats. A half yard didn't matter a lick.

    The Rockies problem is one of perception now. Before the humidor, baseballs would dry out. I've seen the effects of the dry air my entire life in Colorado. It makes sense. Let a baseball dry out & it'll act bit like a superball when hit. We used to hit superballs out in a hayfield when I was a kid & they'd go forever--to the point we couldn't find 'em. A dry baseball also weighs less, although not a lot. But enough to fly bit further.

    To really demonstrate the difference take a baseball & soak in water for a day or five. Take a another & let it sit in the sun for a week or four. Then try hitting them & see how far they go. This is an extreme case, but demonstrates the basic idea. Which one would your rather throw to a batter?

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