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May 9, 2007 6:00 AM

No Beer for Baseball



  • May 9, 2007

    7:09 AM

    MJ writes:

    This is a good move by the clubs who have done it. I would not be surprised to see MLB institute a league wide ban.

  • May 9, 2007

    11:30 AM

    QBT writes:

    Another baseball tradition goes down the tubes. I lost interest in baseball when the Designated Hitter rule in the American League became a reality.

    The the balk rule, followed by divisional playoffs that went from best 3 out of 5 to 4 out of 7. Add a third division and the wild card playoff nonsense prevalent in the NFL and NBA, along with inter-league play, and the silly mascots (e.g. Dinger, Philly Fanatic, etc). To me baseball is nothing more than an overpriced media joke and I quit watching it.

    New and improved is not always better. I remember looking forward to the World Series in late September and the class begged the teacher to turn on the radio to hear the game. We never got to hear the game; but it was still something to look forward to.

  • May 9, 2007

    12:17 PM

    Tom writes:

    Exactly why is alcohol of any kind permitted in a workplace? I mean, okay, i can understand a little of the bubbly when the ALCS or World Series is won. But just for that ocassion.
    But for MLB clubs to allow players to drink alcohol at WORK? That's perfectly insane.
    If i brought beer or alcohol into my workplace, I'd be sent home for the day if not outright fired.
    When did MLB clubs find themselves above the normal workplace standard?
    The league continues to be a complete joke, from their outrageous salaries, no hard salary cap, idiot umpires who cannot fairly call home runs that clearly go over the wall (This has happened at least 3 times within a week twice against the Rockies and once against the Indians. Unreal.)
    Then there's Steinbrenner. Ugh. This guy needs to just get old very quickly and sell the team to someone with a conscience.

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