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May 17, 2007 6:00 AM

Rockies Goose Busters


The Rockies owners have done everything possible to lose the confidence of their fan base. It, of course, makes great cartoon fodder. But to be honest, I'd rather have a team that competes on the field, or at the very least, cares enough to make each visit to Coors Field a fun one, without the bad food, the concession gouging, the boring souvenirs and the constant excuse for mediocrity that surrounds this franchise.

It's a team that needs to be overhauled from the top on down. I'm not talking on the field. There is talent on this team, unfortunately not enough of it. But the problem lies at a higher level. Until the ownership changes, a clear philosophy is formed, and sweeping changes are made to revamp the core of the franchise, it is destined to remain locked in the cellar of the NL West.

Fans have the ability to force changes. I don't think most sports fans realize the power they have. The dollar is a fan's ballot. By choosing to use, or not use that ballot is up to each and every fan.

The situation at Coors Field is a unique one. Denver is a melting pot kind of city with folks and fans from all over the country. Cardinals fans will always go to Coors Field when the Cardinals are in town. Cubs fans flock in droves when the Cubbies drop by. So the stand that fans could be making by staying home is affected by this. It's one of the reasons the Rockies' current ownership has no real reason to make changes. They get their take at the gate without the Rockies needing to be successful. The current ownership has no real incentive to improve.

I get frustrated when I see a company like Liberty Media, based in Douglas County, buying the Atlanta Braves. I realize it's business and Liberty Media's ability to swap its stake in Time Warner was the reason the deal got done. But, still, it makes me long for a company like that, one that will come someday to rescue the Rockies, rebuild the fan base and make a trip to Coors Field an absolute joy.



  • May 17, 2007

    9:15 AM

    Mark writes:

    The truth... and boy does it hurt.

    What a disappointment.

  • May 17, 2007

    9:15 AM

    Steven writes:

    I wish this wasn't so true.

  • May 17, 2007

    12:41 PM

    Badger writes:

    So, nothing but cartoons about how dreadful the Rockies are and how Bonds' imminent HR record is a worse injustice than Mandela's imprisonment. Long Summer.

  • May 17, 2007

    1:09 PM

    To Badger writes:

    Don't forget the toons of how the Broncos are just a bunch of pot smokers.

  • May 17, 2007

    4:44 PM

    Tom writes:

    * This blog post brought to you by 7-Eleven, Arby's, and your local Fedex/Kinko's. Oh, and also by Liberty Media, "We know how you do business, and how business gets done right. call us today at 1-800-DUN-RITE".

    Thank you, that is all.

    (Pssst.....It's all about advertising money. Just look around this page you are currently reading if you need a clue.)

  • May 18, 2007

    5:50 AM

    eric jennings writes:


    I am saddened by the weak leadership heading the Rockies. It's a pity that the fans don't get a competitive ball club.


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