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June 30, 2007 6:13 AM

A Pitcher gets the Call



  • July 2, 2007

    4:24 PM

    Tom writes:


    A few thoughts....

    1. So, the Avs once again open their friggin wallet to try and solve their problems of actually growing their own talent. **Yawn**. I've seen this game before. Sorry, Ryan Smyth is a nice player, but he's just not going to fit in with this team. He's your typical stand in front of the net guy, and yeah, he'll pop in a few power play goals. Big deal.
    Dave Hannan? Ehhh....he's a defensive defenseman. The Avs overpaid bigtime for this guy. Sure, he's young, but he's not the answer to the hole left by Rob Blake. The Avs will be playing the little dutch boy on replacing the hole left by Blake for many years to come.

    2. What on Earth is Brian Fuentes doing on the MLB All-Star team???? Give me a break. The guy is done. He's cooked. His confidence is toast. Goodbye Brian. Consider this gift of an invite to San Fran to be your swan song.

    3. What the hell is Barry bonds doing starting in the All Star game? Consiracy theorists unite!!! JUST BECAUSE the game is being played in San Francisco....the human syringe gets to start????????? Hah?????
    That is just INSANE!

    I hope Bonds right elbow just explodes during his first at bat. Then doctors can look inside during the surgery and see the dust particles that are Barry's ligaments and steroid abused tendons.

    What a complete crock.

  • July 2, 2007

    4:40 PM

    Tom writes:

    Edit: Scott Hannan, not Dave.

  • July 2, 2007

    10:13 PM

    Jacob writes:

    you're right, barry bonds and his otherworldly on base % and 15 home runs don't belong in the all star game. he doesn't deserve to start, but give me someone from the giants that's more deserving to go than him...

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