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July 31, 2007 6:00 AM

The Right Recipe?



  • July 31, 2007

    9:56 AM

    Tom writes:

    Keep trying to remember, Mike. The ingredient you are missing is a dash of Elway.

    Unfortunately for Shanny, the cupboard is bare. All they have is "Cutler -y."

    No amount of spice will add flavor to the Broncos season this time around.

    Of course, as always....it's just my opinion.


  • July 31, 2007

    11:32 AM

    Canderous writes:

    One thing's for sure, there will not be an excuse for Cutler if he has a rough time this year.

    I isn't very often that a young quarterback has these kinds of tools to start with in his career (Henry, Grahmm, Walker, Stokeley, Rod Smith, one of the better offensive lines, et. al.) That is more than a lot of quarterbacks have to work with. If he can't get the job done with that, then it just wasn't meant to be.

    I like the defense this year as well. I am not sure it will beat Indianapolis and/or New England in the post season though.

  • July 31, 2007

    12:02 PM

    mw writes:

    Wow, Tom - I've read back the last few days and have found nothing but negativity from you. What a sad existence you must lead. What a joy you must be to be around day in and day out. I feel for your family and co-workers.

    Fortunately, most people have probably learned by now to take your lousy attitude with a grain of salt. Hopefully, things can turn around for you and you can begin to see some positive things in your life.

  • July 31, 2007

    1:07 PM

    sick/tired writes:


    tom doesn't have co-workers. a job is requisite to have them. this is something tom does not have. tom lives with (and off of) his mommy. that's why he has so much time to comment on every page. he has nothing better to do. he is a loser. a not funny loser at that. "Cutler-y". wtf. shut up. you are this site's equivalent of the bruno kirby character in good morning vietnam.

    by the way, vomiting daily (unfunny) negativity on to the sports comic page is wayyy original. god you suck.

  • July 31, 2007

    1:11 PM

    Tom writes:

    Actually, My code name is "Tom"....

    (I'm really Jake Plummer in disguise.)

    Guess what? I really don't give a damn if anyone here thinks I'm negative. It's frightening to think that people on this board haven't figured out yet that I am here to be a boat rocker.

    On purpose, even.

    Get it through your thick heads that I'm not going anywhere, and you'll simply have to live with me poking fun at the Broncos, Avs, Nuggets, Rockies and the like.

    I've been on this blog for, what....? A year or more?

    That should tell folks that I'm here to stay.

    It's a free forum, and a free country (or is it?), and even Drew has said he enjoys my posts. Sometimes I'll be fun and cheery, serious, or angry (in the Vick scandal or the NBA ref scandal for instance.)

    So....if you haven't already.....

    Get used to me.


  • July 31, 2007

    1:23 PM

    sick/tired writes:


    you're a (bad) joke and i don't like you. i actually thought you were joe williams, who is a joke himself.

    "Sometimes I'll be fun and cheery, serious, or angry (in the Vick scandal or the NBA ref scandal for instance.)" thanks for running down the many moods of the ever-so-complex "tom" persona. As if anyone cares. you are such a dork.

  • July 31, 2007

    1:51 PM

    Kurt writes:


    you are one of a kind thats for sure. Keep em coming, your pesimistic views give me a good laugh each day!

    The Broncos are bringing the pain this year!

    Pat's vs Broc's for AFC championship......I'll give new england the credit that they do look good on paper.

    Tom are you Nebraska Fan as well?

  • July 31, 2007

    3:17 PM

    Drew writes:

    Hey Folks,
    Can we keep it civil on here..This is all supposed to fun.


  • July 31, 2007

    3:49 PM

    Tom writes:

    You bet.

    I can certainly be civil.

    I would like to ask those folks who seem to have such a dislike for me a question or two.

    Learn to take some ribbing.

    Don't take professional sports so personally or so seriously.

    Yes, the game(s) is/are fun and all. However, these games are really (unfortunately) about grown men playing kid games and getting paid insane numbers of dollars to do so.

    I pick on the local Colorado teams because they're....local.

    However.....I don't exclusively nail Colorado teams. If folks have been paying attention, I rip on Bonds, Sosa, Mike Vick, etc, etc....

    I sincerely apologize for not taking the games as seriously as everyone else, even though that might be a human right that has yet to be discovered by some on this blog.


  • July 31, 2007

    4:38 PM

    Tom writes:

    Someone really should ask me what the question was.

    Since....I forgot to actually ASK a question, eh?

    I feel a little silly......

    No question.


  • July 31, 2007

    4:56 PM

    Phil C. writes:

    No problem Tom.

    Your level of humor is missed by many. I like your posts, even if others seem to have a different opinion.

    No problem on the lack of a question. I knew what you meant. And I agree.

  • July 31, 2007

    9:34 PM

    Brian writes:

    I think the issue many have Tom is that you mock something that people love and enjoy a lot. This is ok because Drew does it often as well.

    The difference is you also take shots at those who enjoy the game. This is something Drew does not do and I think that is what I see draw most of the criticism towards your posts.

  • August 1, 2007

    8:49 AM

    Tom writes:

    I think a huge issue here is that people in this city/state cannot take much of a ribbing.

    If you can't take critical opinions on a forum such as this, then you shouldn't be here.

    Drew's toons provide a tool for us to study and then comment on. I choose to take the "other road" and generally am critical, sure. I have a problem with grown men getting absurd amounts of money to play children's games. If they got paid a reasonable wage, I wouldn't bark as loud.

    I also have my own reasons, and I'm not about to honestly apologize for providing a different viewpoint than the regular hometown "homer-type" commentary.

    My advice is....deal with it or don't read it. It's really very elementary.


  • August 1, 2007

    11:03 AM

    Michael writes:

    Tom really ticks me off sometimes, but it is clear that most of it is all in good fun and simply presenting a different viewpoint, but man sick/tired your foul mouthed obnoxious personal attacks are irritating, childish and completely contrary to the fun that is arguing with Tom. If you cannot come up with a real argument to come at Tom with then keep your childish name calling to yourself… but as always, that is just my opinion.

  • August 1, 2007

    12:49 PM

    Tom writes:


    I thank you for your response on my behalf.

    Thanks & Cheers to you.

    Yes....my posts are all in good fun. I love a good debate and good chatter.

    Rule # 1 on a public forum such as this is to take most everything with a grain of salt. Unfortunetly for Sick & Tired, he is exactly his namesake.

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