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August 11, 2007 6:05 AM

Trusting the Rockies



  • August 11, 2007

    6:36 AM

    Bronc in C Springs writes:

    How true.....how true.

    I'm really proud how this young team came together this year and is at least making it exciting. It is just heart-wrenching to see them go out and win series vs the Yanks, Red Sox, Mets.........and then go and lose series against the Royals, Nationals.

    I think they have (thus far) beat most expectations for this season though. Unfortunately, I feel we are still a pitcher or 2 away from being able to contend for a spot in the playoffs. But who knows....crazier things have happened!!

  • August 11, 2007

    1:49 PM

    Gregg writes:

    The hunt is over (if it was really there in the first place.)

    The Monforts will now, surely, disband this team within the next year or so because there's no way they will pay any of these guys enough to stay put.

    The Cubbies have shown this team for what it really is....

    A pretender.

  • August 11, 2007

    8:51 PM

    Angry Fan writes:

    The problem wiht the Rockies is simply this -

    They live by the home run or they die by the home run.

    If they hit them, they actually have a chance of winning. If they don't hit them, then they lose.

    The humidor is a joke. Look at these scores at Coors Field now that it's been August and it's gotten to heatwave territory. Double digit scores for the home team, of course. It happens way too often.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if the visiting team is getting the same balls as the Rockies. And don't tell me the old stupid story about how the home team and the visiting team are both playing in the same atmosphere, etc....

    Football scores do NOT belong on a baseball scoresheet.

    P.S. No, I am not a Cubs Fan, either.

  • August 12, 2007

    11:59 AM

    It was a good year writes:

    They have done well this year, all the big series were fun to watch.

    And I would agree we are just a pitcher or two a away from being a contender.

    Nail on the head with "Monforts will disband" I have grown to dislike these guys and the GM more and more each year.

    It was the old story of "we are growing the team through the farm system" and anyone decent who came out and showed promise they shipped them out.

    So they will have plenty of excuses why they cant keep, holliday, hawpe, fogg. None will be good though.

    Still a fan after all these years but wish we could get owners/managers who cared about the game and its fans.

  • August 12, 2007

    3:17 PM

    Steven writes:

    In response to Angry fan, what exactly are you talking about; different balls? Do you think that they hand the balls to the ump before each play? Do you think that they have the umps in on it & if so why do they get taken on the road? Or have you never played ball before & just don't know how the balls are given to the ump before the game & the ump picks them. The Humador has decreased the total number of runs 1.5 on average I believe. & check ALL the scores, this is modern ball & scores have gone up from 3-2 to 6-5. Double digit scores are common now-a-days

  • August 12, 2007

    7:09 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Angry fan, the umpires go down to the humidor to get the baseballs, so unless you think the rockies are paying the umpires off, I don't really see what your point is. And if you are right, how do you explain the 10-2 drubbing they received in the 1st game? The cubs were hitting everything and the rockies were hitting nothing. Think before you speak

  • August 13, 2007

    7:27 AM

    MJ writes:

    Angry Fan is funny. You seriously think the Rockies have rigged only their balls? Dude, you need an education on baseball. But I won't go into it because Steven and Jacob have done it already. I would love to see the Rockies win the west. But there is 2 months worth of baseball left. Alot can happen in that amount of time.

  • August 13, 2007

    9:50 AM

    Bronc in C Springs writes:


    Spoke a little too soon on that "Cubbies" comment.......

  • August 13, 2007

    9:56 AM

    Angry Fan writes:

    Yes, I think the umpires are in on it. Same as the ref in the NBA was in on the fixing of games.
    The reason the Cubs "drubbed" the Rockies was because the umpire got the balls mixed up for one game.

    Sounds simple enough to me.

  • August 13, 2007

    11:19 AM

    CT writes:

    I'd say the question is, who will get banned/suspended for steroid use first?

    Troy Tulowitski or Matt Holliday?

    I'd say BOTH should be on the radar for MLB. And personally, I'd love to see both get banned from the game for life. MLB missed out on nailing Helton for his steroid abuse (obvious when you see the decrease in HR numbers from 49 to suddenly 10-15 per year). They need to get these cheaters out of the game.

    The Rockies suck. They have always sucked. They will continue to suck.

    When everyone gets that through their heads, then the world will be a better place.

  • August 13, 2007

    12:01 PM

    Tom writes:

    I wouldn't say I spoke early.

    The Rockies have 3 seperate road trips to the West coast to meet all the team within the division that matter.

    Add in a East coast trip to Philly.

    Those series will make or break their season. The home games aren't what matter. The Rockies have always been horrid away from Coors Field, and this season is no different when you look at the numbers.

    If the Rockies are serious about contending, they have to do better than splitting a series with the Cubs at home and they will have to find a way to win away from Coors. I would wager that the Rockies simply do not have what it takes to win consistently away from home. They never have, and there's no reason to think things will be any different this year.

    And yes, I totally agree that this was the one year the Rockies had a chance to do anything, because this group will no be playing together very long. The Monforts won't allow it. The contract given to Neagle and Hampton used to be the albatross for this team. Now Helton's contract and the money Holliday and company are going to demand will take place of those.

  • August 13, 2007

    12:42 PM

    Matthew writes:

    Even if Tulo and Holliday are doing the juice (and who's to say they aren't - half of the MLB players likely are), MLB is too incompetent to test them enough to catch them.

    Helton probably stopped early enough to avoid a positive test.

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