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August 21, 2007 6:00 AM

Vick goes to the Dogs


Some days drawings just fight back. The sketch comes out too tight or too flat or just too blah and there often isn't a reason why. So I resketch and redraw and do the best to come up with an image I'm pleased with. The drawing above is the one I finally settled on. It's based on the rough draft below.


After doing the first rough draft I drew and inked the cartoon below. I wasn't at all happy with it. It just seemed flat and uninviting. Sometimes after I come back from a weekend of not drawing it takes a while to get back in a groove. Sometimes a drawing just doesn't want to cooperate. So I'll walk away from it for awhile. Then I'll redraw it. It's pretty rare for me to completely redraw a cartoon that I've already inked but that was the case with this one.


Below is a rough draft that we didn't use.


The whole Michael Vick thing just makes me ill. I thought Vick would go on to be one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, completely inventing a new style at the position. To throw it all away to me is just beyond belief.


  • August 21, 2007

    11:18 AM

    Tom writes:

    While it's entirely possible that Vick is being told by his lawyers to stay mum, one of the most bothersome things about this entire situation is that Vick seems to have zero remorse for his actions.

    He's made no statement that he's done anything horrific. He's only apologized to the Falcons, his teammates, and his owner for "putting them through this."

    Michael....wake up. You're going away. You will always have PETA on your ass the rest of your life. You will NEVER be forgiven for this stuff.

    Now, as I have seen in our wonderful "justice system" in this country, you'll very likely serve your time away from the "general population" of the inmates, and you'll probably be sent to a minimum security facility because of who you are.
    But damn...show some kind of emotion.
    By the way....where was this prosecuting legal team when the O.J., JonBenet Ramsey, and Ray Lewis cases were being investigated? Yeah, I know they're Feds, but cripes....they did good work closing all the loopholes to keep Vick from squirming away. Wish these people had been handling those other cases.

  • August 22, 2007

    10:39 PM

    Charlie writes:

    Your final drawing turned out great Drew. So much of drawing is placing the important part of the picture in a good sight-line and guiding the eye with the outer edges and you nailed it. I bet the bars were difficult to draw, trying to decide how far apart to space them would be difficult. The expression is perfect though, Vick looks like a mutt being dragged to a neutering clinic.

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