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September 14, 2007 6:00 AM

Spyware in New England


When I started this blog a little over a year ago I wasn't quite sure how it would go but I was hopeful that it would open up a dialogue and community with readers of the News and of my cartoon, in particular. It, for the most part, has done that. I feel I'm getting to know you, and I hope, you are getting to know me a little better than just the daily cartoon in the paper and online. We've started a fantasy league for our blog, a cartoon contest, and I'm hoping many more "community" kinds of things in the future.

Lately, though, things here on the blog have turned a little weird. We have people posting under false identities, slurring other bloggers, and generally just messing up everyone elses day. Not sure why but it's happening. I don't want to make ground rules here because that just takes some of the fun out of things and makes me out to be crabbier than I really am. I didn't start this blog to wander the classroom with a ruler in hand ready to smack the first unruly brat to get out of line. I started the blog to communicate with you and you with each other. I hope that's the direction we will take. So please, be kind to each other here. I know you don't always aqree with my cartoons and that's great. Feel free to disagree. Just do it with dignity and class. And treat others here the same way. OK. Enough of the lecture.

Don't forget we have the Draw like Drew contest going on. Create your own sports cartoon. We'll post some of the finalists online and the winner will get a cartoon from me. The contest runs now until Oct 1. Submit your entires to sports@RockyMountainNews.com or fax it to 303-954-2602.



  • September 14, 2007

    7:39 AM

    Gordo writes:

    Good ol Spy vs Spy for the Patriots. Great idea. Says it all about the Pats.

    I was hoping that the NFL would make the Pats forfeit their game against the Jets for that along with everything else they did. Making them forfeit could have been costly for the Pats down the road since that was a Division game.

    Wish I could draw any good to enter the contest Drew. I cannot wait to see what some of the other bloggers come up with for Cartoons.

  • September 14, 2007

    8:41 AM

    David writes:

    While I think talk of tainting their Super Bowl victories is absurd, I did think that a forfeiture against the Jets would have been appropriate. Maybe Belichek will finally get it straight that when he insults Mangini, he ends up only besmirching his own character.

    Also, I'm not usually the kind to take the high road, but I do have to thank Drew for attempting to bring civility to a sports blog/comments section. I think I could take the incivility better if it ever showed a flash of imagination and tongue in cheek, but it rarely does.

    That said, I guess I'll have to forego what I wanted to say about that #$%@#% Plaxico Burress and the @#$% 32 fantasy points he scored for the Caffinated Schnauzers at the expense of the Flyin' Norris Weese's. A pox upon his Giants helmet!

  • September 14, 2007

    9:24 AM

    Drew writes:

    It's a tough day. I just found out one of my true heroes in the field of cartooning is gone. Phil Frank, the creator of the local San Francisco comic strip, Farley, died Wednesday night. I considered Phil one of the few geniuses in cartooning, his wit and art both an absolute dream. I'll share more in the days to come about a man of incredible integrity and talent. My heart goes out to his family.


  • September 14, 2007

    11:54 AM

    Tom writes:

    I would be truely surprised if the Patriots were the only ones that have ever done anything like this. I would imagine that every head coach in the league has bent the rules (or flat out broken them) at one time or another on purpose.
    I heard an interview with Mike Shanahan this morning and he was asked for his reaction to this. He didn't have much to say. I'll bet he, like every other coach in the NFL, is thanking his lucky stars that it wasn't he who was nabbed.
    Being that there are seemingly 140 or so assistant coaches per team, and many are sitting up in skyboxes with tinted glass, and the technology available today and the last 10 years or so, this has surely been going on for a long time.

  • September 14, 2007

    12:24 PM

    Gordo writes:


    I was saying pretty much the same thing about some other coaches this morning. I saw the reaction that John Gruden said on the NFL Network. He kind of brushed across it not wanting to comment.

  • September 14, 2007

    1:36 PM

    good ol' george writes:

    On ESPN's Page 2, their cartoon had Bill Belichick as Richard Nixon.

  • September 14, 2007

    10:35 PM

    Matbar writes:

    I havnt laughed that hard at a comic since I was 5. Great work like usual Drew. Any way I can pick this one as my favorite one you've done?

  • September 15, 2007

    8:44 AM

    Eric (RDRH8R) writes:

    I wanted to see some college type punishments and take away the pats post-season. What kind of message would that be if the early favorite to win it all would be disqualified from championship contention?!? This kind of stuff would end in a hurry!

  • September 15, 2007

    2:26 PM

    Bobby writes:

    Anyone who thinks Bill Belichick, cheated to win 3 Super Bowls, should go to New York and tell Eric Mangini
    , why they think, he should give
    back his 3 Super Bowl rings.
    Otherwise, except the fact that
    the video scandle, was just a
    one game thing. Belichick excepted his punishment. Now let`s move on.

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