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September 8, 2007 10:25 AM

Student Driver



  • September 8, 2007

    11:12 AM

    Sarah Hodge writes:

    As with so many of Drew's "renditions" or "interpretations", the "Student Driver" is just another priceless example of his artistic talent.

  • September 8, 2007

    11:12 AM

    Sarah Hodge writes:

    As with so many of Drew's "renditions" or "interpretations", the "Student Driver" is just another priceless example of his artistic talent.

  • September 8, 2007

    12:02 PM

    Brian writes:

    I am a Cutler fan but I have to say the cartoon is brilliant and really gives you an accurate feel of the QB situation in Denver.

  • September 8, 2007

    4:48 PM

    Anonymous writes:


  • September 8, 2007

    8:51 PM

    Tom writes:

    Very true.

    I wonder how the mood will change if Cutler fumbles his first snap.

    I wonder how the mood will change if Cutler throws 4 touchdowns.

    I wonder how the mood will change if Cutler throws 4 interceptions.

    I wonder how the mood will change is the Broncos are suddenly 3-5 after the first half of the season.

    There are plenty of folks that have faith in Cutler. I just look at it from the standpoint that the Broncos are still an injury or two away from a total disaster. They are laying all their hope on the shoulders of a QB that has started all of 5 games in the NFL, and who cannot seem to take a snap from center without dropping it.

    Not much to pin that hope on.

    And judging from the Indy/Saints game....the Colts are going to absolutely kill the Broncos.

    Lets see....

    San Diego
    New England

    All those teams are far better than Denver. The Broncos simply have no shot to beat out that many obvious contenders.

    21-9 Buffalo wins. Cutler throws 2 picks and fumbles at least once. Travis Henry is benched for fumbling 3 times. Bailey is lost for the season due to injury.


    Denver: 6
    Buffalo 0

    Aren't predictions fun? It won't matter if I'm right or wrong. Because I'm not a fan of either team. It's just my guess.

  • September 9, 2007

    2:38 PM

    Bill writes:

    The Broncos did just about what I expected them to. They did surprise me by winning the game.
    Another surprise is Elam who seems to be missing more field goals than normal, something I noticed beginning from last year.
    I really don't have any predictions but the team has a ways to go in defense/special teams play, particularly since the Special Teams look no better, if not worse, than last year. The offense was flat against the Bills, but there will be a much better determination of how the offense will go, I'd say, by week 6.

  • September 9, 2007

    3:26 PM

    Bronc Fan writes:

    I wonder how the mood will change if Cutler throws for 300 yards and converts 2 4th downs on the final drive.........after making a boneheaded play that could have blown the entire game.....

  • September 9, 2007

    3:29 PM

    Bronc Fan writes:

    .....and I wonder how the mood will change after Henry rushes for 139 yards.

    ...I wonder how the mood will change after Elam kicks a clutch/last second field goal after previously missing 2 field goals during the game.

    I wonder how the mood will change after the Broncs win 15-14 and get the "W".

  • September 9, 2007

    5:48 PM

    Tom writes:

    My thoughts:

    The Broncos had to work that hard against a team that was 7-9 last year. Not a good sign.

    Yes, they won. But everything that was a concern in the preseason is still a concern.

    Jay Cutler is a total bonehead. He apparently was paying very close attention to Jake last year. WTF was that "pass" he sent into the backfield?

    Swatting the ball out of bounds to avoid a turnover should be a 25 yeard penalty and loss of down. You FALL on the ball or you give it up. Swatting it out of bounds because you're scared to fall on the ball is not football.

    Denver's special teams SUCK.

    Jason Elam is unreliable. He is not the wonder boy anymore. He's an average kicker at best now in a league of average kickers. Any glory days he has on his resume mean nothing now.

    Jay Cutler's career is going to come to a very sudden end by a defender breaking Jay's legs if he continues to run with the ball like he does. Eithe that or he's going to make SportsCenter highlights by chasing his own head downfield.

    The Bronco's linemen were not in set position for the "winning" field goal. There should have been a penalty for a false start and the clock should have then run out.

    The Broncos have nothing to be happy about.

    They have been exposed.

    Also consider that San Diego laid waste to a Bears team today, while the Broncos were playing a non playoff team.

    Also consider that the Bills were dealing with injury losses to their secondary during the game and the fact that a lot of the Bills were shaken from watching one of their own taken away in an ambulance.

    All of that, and the Broncos had to rely on a last second kick that should have been blown dead for a false start.


  • September 9, 2007

    6:29 PM

    Harry Thomas writes:


    Yes, Denver didn't really deserve to win today's game. And yes, there are better teams out there. And we all know you're a spoilsport who loves ranting here.

    You know what? We don't care. We'll take the ugly win over an ugly loss any day.

    And if we don't make the playoffs, that's okay. Elway didn't shake up the world his first (full) season, either. Remember when he lined up behind the wrong guy? Remember how it took until his fourth Super Bowl to win it all? Remember how he won it again the next year and then retired at the top of his game?

    Sure, we'd like to go to the Super Bowl again. But there are 32 teams with the same goal. That means 31 teams will have disappointing seasons, even (or perhaps especially) for the one who loses it.

    It just seems funny to me that for someone who rants and raves about how much he's not a fan of the Broncos seems to have so many exhaustively-researched things to say about them.

    Keep writing, Tom. And keep ranting. Most of us regard you the same way we regard someone like Rush Limbaugh (or Norm Chomsky, just to be balanced); full of sound and fury signifying nothing. That doesn't mean we don't get a chuckle out of you; we just refuse to let you tell us what team we will support.

  • September 9, 2007

    7:13 PM

    Bronc Fan writes:

    ....and I wonder how the mood will change when the Broncos put a "notch" in the W column.

    ...and I wonder what excuses Tom will give when the Broncs prove his predictions wrong. Ooooops, looks like the Broncs aleady spoiled "Perfect Tom's" predictions and Tom already dished his excuses."

    Prediction: Tom will "predict" the Broncos to lose every upcoming game this season.

    Prediction: IF and WHEN the Broncos do win, Tom will come up with a few excuses to underscore said win.

    Prediction: Tom will never enjoy the feeling of elation as related to sports as many Bronco fans experienced today as shown in Drew's most recent cartoon.

    Prediction: Tom will laugh at this post as we all laugh at his. Cheers Tom......it's always good to have a little fun on the net.

    Keep "Stirring the Pot" Tom......I do enjoy reading your "rants and raves". :)

  • September 10, 2007

    7:03 AM

    rx writes:

    C'mon, Tom. Predicting a season ending injury is pretty harsh. Football is a violent game, but nobody wants to see anyone get hurt.

    Except for you.

    Because you are a lowlife.

    Oh, and San Diego "laid waste" to the Bears? Maybe you only watch/research the Broncos, but I watched that game, and I think that "laid waste" is quite the overstatement. LT had 25 rushing yards on 17 carries and was at -1 until the two minute warning of the first half. At halftime, the Bears were "laying waste" to the Chargers. Sure the Chargers D looked stingy, but against who? The Bears offense was abysmal for the whole game and their running game is non-existent. Grossman is terrible. They don't have any offensive weapons. They are in the NFC (read: JV). Methinks the Broncs will give them a better run than that.

    Also, the Jags better than the Broncos? Puh-lease. You better ease up on the sauce, pally.

  • September 10, 2007

    7:42 AM

    Thrawn writes:

    Everything from the pre-season still a concern?

    I disagree. The defense held Buffalo to something like 189 yards even with that new offensive line and that hotshot running back they had. There was only one drive that ended with a score. Offensively the Broncos moved the chains quite a bit but had trouble scoring as well.

    Statistically, the Broncos dominated that game in every stat but the scoreboard (and i understand that is the one that mattered.)

    But if the Broncos did not deserve to win the game then who did? Buffalo? Based on what? Their missed field goal try? Their horrible clock management with that last trive where they stopped the clock twice on a run out of bounds and long pass that was overthrown?

    Bottom line, there are 60 minutes in regulation, and by the tome the clock hit zero, the Broncos had more points than Buffalo.

  • September 15, 2007

    10:54 AM

    bronc writes:

    Sounds like Tom and his "team" must have lost and he needs to feel better by ripping another team.
    Small minds hmmm.

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