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October 19, 2007 5:08 AM

Nebraska's Nightmare


There's trouble in CornDawg Country. The football program is in shambles and the natives are getting restless. Can't say as I blame them. Those 12-0 seasons beating up on the North Texas State's of the world are a thing of the past. Poor little Huskers. Now all they have to get them through the winter are Green Acre's reruns.

Got any thoughts on the lament in Lincoln feel free to blog away.


  • October 19, 2007

    6:45 AM

    Anonymous writes:


    Why is that when you draw a group of people they all look the same? They're alway men (never women) with the same big nose. Are they all cousins? Perhaps it's time to buy a new rubber stamp for your cartoon characters.

  • October 19, 2007

    7:19 AM

    Huskerfan writes:

    What a terrible season to be a Husker Fan. At least this past week Husker fans have witnessed the second coming of Tom Osborne. He will return the program to it's once proud state. The sooner Callahan is gone the better.

  • October 19, 2007

    7:24 AM

    Charlie writes:

    That's because Nebraska fans all look the same. I'm suprised he gave the one fan some teeth, everyone knows that's not accurate.

    Actually he did draw a couple of women in this cartoon all the people in the front row are members of the Nebraska Cheerleading team.

  • October 19, 2007

    8:54 AM

    Charlies Owner writes:

    Charlie, with nothing but a bogus national title in the cu books, you may as well resort to kicking nebraska while it is down, as they will be kicking in the buffs teeth again in no time. plus having no teeth seems to work well for your mother.

  • October 19, 2007

    10:46 AM

    Huskerfan writes:

    Charlie, thats not very nice. Why do people from Colorado continually rag on the Huskers and people from Nebraska? What did they ever do to you??

  • October 19, 2007

    11:41 AM

    Retired?Plummers writes:

    Dr. Tom will restore the order in the Big 12. It will all be fine fellow Husker fans.

  • October 19, 2007

    11:42 AM

    WorkingClassHero writes:


    I haven't hear too many news stories coming out of Nebraska saying that they needed to use prostitutes/escorts/strippers to lure students to play football there.
    However, I have read stories that CU DID IN FACT do this.

    So Stick it.

  • October 19, 2007

    12:24 PM

    Kurt writes:


    Restore order to the BIG 12! LOL

    Save us Dr. Tom!

    You guys should all pitch in and get Tom, a red and white walker so he can make it to the game. What is he 80 now?

    Good luck!

    Nuck Febraska

  • October 19, 2007

    2:09 PM

    Father writes:

    Hero- nobody cares what CU did, just be happy they are keeping all the females in your family employed.

  • October 19, 2007

    2:10 PM

    johnnyd writes:

    Dude, you ever try to draw a nebraska woman? you ever try to draw, period? Good toon Drew.

  • October 19, 2007

    2:17 PM

    MJ writes:

    This toon is right on. If the Big Red lose this weekend all hell will break loose in Nebraska. I don't think there is anything Callahan can do to save his job at this point. Although, beating CU would be a great way to go out!! BUT, it probably won't happen. Excuse me while I go off and cry..................

  • October 19, 2007

    8:49 PM

    Charlie writes:

    Whoa, did I touch your hot button WCH, aka Greenday ripoff song?

    Look, I'm not a CU fan but I do root for them on fifth down, anytime they play Notre Dame, and when their throwing hail mary's against Michigan.

    The bottom line is Coloradoans are raised to dislike Huskers, especially when they're coached by an exRaider, It's in the rocky mountain water.

  • October 19, 2007

    11:44 PM

    Brian writes:

    I think WorkingClassHero is Tom. Gotta be. Sounds the same to me.

    As for Nebraska, I am so glad. Husker fans were so arrogant and obnoxious in the 90s. I don't mind seeing both CU and the Huskers get a dose of humility.

    I'm an Aggie fan though so I have precious little to cheer about myself these days...

  • October 20, 2007

    7:53 AM

    Husker Fan in PA writes:

    Well yes CU fans enjoy ripping on Nebraska every chance you have for now. Jealous fans can only cling to one national title that happended 17 years ago while the Huskers have five titles, the last being 10 years ago. Really, Husker fans are arrogant and obnoxious? Have Husker fans ever prevented CU fans from leaving the stadium after a win? I was in Boulder on more than one occasion when it happened. Have Husker fans interupted a game because of trash being thrown on the field? No, but I know it's happened in Boulder. Nebraska recruits players without the assistance of alcohol and strippers. Can CU say that? No. Does Nebraska have NCAA violations? Again no but CU has been ticketed by the infractions committee.

    Kick the Huskers while they're down CU fans, but Husker Nation will rise again.

    Kurt, Tom is 70, does not require and walker and in fact last weekend during our 10 year celebration of our last national title team, he actually ran out onto the field during the tunnel walk.

    Charlie, Coloradoans are not raised to dislike Nebraska. It all started when Bill McCartney took over at CU. He gave CU a rival and red lettered the schedule just for Nebraska. Before that every year we beat you like a drum as CU wore those girl like blue helmets.

  • October 20, 2007

    8:33 PM

    Charlie writes:

    I didn't say we dislike Nebraska, just the Huskers. I don't mind Chadron, and Creighton has a nice basketball team.

    The state of Nebraska is a good supporter of Denver's Stock Show, which we apreciate and we try to return the favor by allowing our cheerleading squads to travel to Lincoln. Because everyone knows that the best looking girls in Lincoln are on the visiting team's sideline.

  • October 21, 2007

    5:37 PM

    Bronc in C-Springs writes:

    Husker in PA-

    I am admittingly a Buff fan when it comes to college football. I felt I had to post because of your previous post. While many of your statements are true (Nebraska having more titles AND a more recent title; I would agree that the Huskers have a more storied/successful history) there is 1 statement that is skewed.

    If you think that NO OTHER college (including NE) wasn't taking their recruits out to parties to get liquored up and show them a "good time", then you are blind to reality. The fact of the matter is that CU was unfortunately the scapegoat for something that was going on everywhere. Any collegiate athlete knows that it was going on at their school. I came from a small Division II school and it even went on there. Coaches had the recruits for part of the day and the team took them out that night. It WAS and probably still is to a lesser degree, a part of collegiate recruiting. I guarantee you that NE of all places has liquored up their recruits in years past.......lets get real, it's a part of going to college.

    I know your back is against the wall on this board arguing with CU fans.......and I largely agree with most of your statements. The recruiting statement is a joke though.....it was and still is going on everywhere.

  • October 23, 2007

    5:14 PM

    Husker Fan in PA writes:

    Bronc in C-Springs ---

    I'm not worried about what CU fans in here or anyplace have to say about Nebraka or our traditions. They have opinions and are entitled to them.

    I do have to correct you though on this whole alcohol and good times with recruits. I'm not blind to the reality that it does happen at other places and I do agree with you that it does happen other places as well...Colorado just got caught.

    I was recruited as a divison I pitcher by Kearney State in Kearney, NE. UNC over in Greeley, and the University of Nebraska back in 1988. None of those three recruiting trips resulted in other players offering liquor, beer or girls to get me to come to their University. I ended up staying close to home at UNC so my family could see me play more often and at the same time get an excellent education.

    Yes it happens but be careful when you say it HAS HAPPENED at NU....you were not there....I was.

  • October 24, 2007

    12:58 PM

    MJ writes:

    Only classy when they are winning.

  • October 24, 2007

    2:21 PM

    kNU Hypocrites writes:

    Nebraska is the PERFECT program....they don't show recruits a good time, they don't have violations......but they do have Roid Ragin' girlfriend throwing convicts who always get a free pass from TO in the sake of preserving the God given MNC in Nebraska - cuz look - without the Huskers, there is NOTHING in Nebraska

  • October 24, 2007

    2:22 PM

    phatmack18 writes:

    Husker in PA-

    One small problem with your post:

    Baseball != Football

    ESPECIALLY in BugEater Country.

    They saved all three good looking NU girls for the football recruits. Sorry bud... you picked the wrong sport. ;)

  • October 26, 2007

    4:29 PM

    josh writes:

    here is something funny. cu has won a couple games this year and they still cant fill the stadium. we getting our asses kicked and still fill it to the brim. lets not bring up the classy fan thing cause you will lose that one everytime. the diference between our fans and sCUm is evident this year. we suck yet are still filling the BIG RED

  • November 1, 2007

    9:33 AM

    Zach writes:

    Maybe you guys have been smoking a little too much pot in those mountians, but Colorado will never touch Nebraska ever in terms of programs. Enjoy this year because from now on (after this season) you are going to be stomped on!

  • November 1, 2007

    9:52 AM

    Joe writes:

    I have never understood the logic behind the statement “Nebraska beats up on the N. Teaxas’ of the world? therefore they are weak. What about the end of the season when they would play OU, Miami, FL, FL St, etc, and win or at a minimum keep it close? The reasoning does not make sense.

  • November 1, 2007

    11:52 AM

    HuskerFan1 writes:

    Huskers will take a North Texas win over a Montana State loss any year!

  • November 1, 2007

    12:58 PM

    Fred Scarpello writes:

    Maybe the Rockies could have used a North Texas to warm-up with before they met the Red Sox...

  • November 1, 2007

    1:15 PM

    whatinthe writes:

    The one that NE doesn't have that CO does.. A million California refugees. I have a small front range acreage with my 2 horses. Some developer built some 600k to 800k homes next to my 3 bed ranch home. My taxes tripled and the developer wants me to fix up my house and sell the horses because they smell. They tried to sue and lost. Now they want to buy me out just to put my land into his subdivision and rid themselves of my place. Well good luck.

    The point is that our state has lost it's friendly appeal. It's become a state of busy, uptight, over financed people that hate to lose especially in local sports. When the Broncos are up, you see tons of bronco supporters. When down you see the CA team supporters. See how that works?

  • November 1, 2007

    1:28 PM

    Jim Rome writes:

    ha horses....funny

    Don't forget 97...


    I rome....
    couldn't hack it in any sport...

    Pats Colts....

    but young as well.

    rome contradicts

  • November 30, 2007

    10:48 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    at least husker fans arent a bunch of drunks like the majority of the cu students at the game and nebraska has never hired strippers to get players and 1 more thing FUCK DREW LITTON

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