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October 17, 2007 5:35 AM

NLCS Wrapup


It's still hard to believe even a day later. The Rockies are heading to the World Series. I thought it was appropriate to do a wrap up cartoon before moving on to drawing about the Series. Hope you enjoy it.

So after letting the whole thing soak in and watching game 4 of the ALCS, who will the Rox play and can they beat the Red Sox or Indians? How will they do it? Can they sweep again? Will they go 162-0 next season? Inquiring minds and bloggers want to know. You know the drill. Leave the comments.



  • October 17, 2007

    5:58 AM

    London Broncs writes:

    Great toon Drew! Having grown up in CO but living in London I feel like I am truly missing out! So to put my money where my mouth is I am flying to Denver on Thursday of next week just to soak it in... I can't wait to take in the mile high air and (hope of hopes) that I find the Rox leading the series by 2 wins! Thank you for sharing the Rockies fanaticism so perfectly, it reaches even over the oceans and to far away lands. I can just picture all our Colorado boys in Iraq cheering away right now. One more thing, you really smoked me last week in Fraternal Order of Pigskin Fantasy League! Congrats and thanks again for the cartoons!

  • October 17, 2007

    7:28 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    When are you going to show the results of the "Can You
    Draw Like Drew" contest? The entry deadline was 17 days ago!

  • October 17, 2007

    7:38 AM

    lunartide writes:

    The one about the Rocks defense would look great on a t-shirt. Rocks over Tribe in 7.

  • October 17, 2007

    8:35 AM

    Lou writes:

    I'll take either matchup, but seeing the Yanks, Sox, Cubs, and Phillies miss the World Series would be sweet justice to Fox since they only show the major market teams on their Saturday broadcasts.

    So Ill take the Rox over the Tribe in 7!

  • October 17, 2007

    8:46 AM

    Gordo writes:


    Awesome wrap-up of the NLCS. I like the one of the D-back crawling through the desert.

  • October 17, 2007

    9:21 AM

    Catfish Thomas writes:

    Ni-i-ice! I've really enjoyed having you & the toons back over the last few days, & today's is the most enjoyable yet. Good call on posting the wrap-up. From the "FOOP" (fraternal order...) ...go Fish!

  • October 17, 2007

    9:29 AM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    Cleveland in 4.

    Write it down.

    If the Rockies can LUCK into a streak like they have, the Indians can easily win 4 straight over a chump team like Denver.

    By the way Denver, how nice was it to watch Peter Budaj get yanked from the game last night after getting roasted. I don't even care that the Avs came back to win. It was wonderful to see Budaj get used, abused, and embarrassed. Great fun.
    Do the Avs ever play road games anymore, or are they in bed with the NHL schedule maker?

  • October 17, 2007

    10:14 AM

    Father writes:

    WCH, enjoy your lame little thrills about Budaj, but the bottom line is they won. Also, grab a schedule, they've only played 6 games out of an 82 game season, their next 4 games are on the road, genius. Quit hating, jealousy is a wasted emotion.

  • October 17, 2007

    10:23 AM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    The bottom line is that Budaj sucked it for a period and a half.
    The bottom line is that he's an awful goaltender.
    The bottom line is that the Avalanche are an overhyped, crappy team.
    Deal with it.

  • October 17, 2007

    10:35 AM

    Kurt writes:

    WCH and Tom Make a sweet couple, although Tom is definitly the smarter of the two, and actaully makes sense!

    really good toon today drew, keep em coming.

    Go Rocks

  • October 17, 2007

    10:36 AM

    Father writes:

    He may have stunk it up- but check the stats, that "W" stands for "win". Awful is stretching it, he was the best goalie in the league in the last half of last season. Is he struggling right now, yes, awful, no, that would be your posts. Overhyped team? get on some hockey websites and tell me who is predicting them to win the cup? No one on ESPN did, no one on fox sports did. Bottom line, they are 4-2, the season is early, your yapping about subjects you don't understand, its sad and pathetic. Weren't you the one saying the diamondbacks were going to comeback in the NLCS series? Yeah, thought so.

  • October 17, 2007

    10:38 AM

    Mark writes:

    Amazing, 2.07

    Rockies ERA?

    No, WCH and Tom's I.Q... combined.

  • October 17, 2007

    10:39 AM

    The Dude writes:

    WorkingClassChump, I do believe it is about time you find something else to do or someone else to rag on. The Rockies are going to the World Series!! There is no way Boston or Cleveland will be able to stop them.

  • October 17, 2007

    11:48 AM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    This is too much fun to stop.

    And who is Tom?

  • October 17, 2007

    11:59 AM

    Thrawn writes:


    Can you at least tell us who your teams are?

    It is really easy to just come in and blast someone elses teams without telling anybody who your great high integrity, never cheated, great non-bandwagoned fanbased team is.

    I am guessing there must not be anything to be proud of with your own or you would be bragging about them.

    Either way, I bet you are getting tired of being wrong about the Rockies aren't you? You keep predicting losses, but that don't seem to be happening.

    I hate it when kids learn how to use the internet. It is almost this bad when they learn how to use the telephone.

  • October 17, 2007

    12:23 PM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    You really want to know? Wow. Guess you're all really interested in me. I'm glad to have groupies!!!!

    But sadly, I am not in a sharing mood. It's more fun to let you wonder.

  • October 17, 2007

    12:56 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    No one's interested, you've been wrong on every post anyway. Plus we have a pretty good idea, Football would be the Raiders, Baseball would be the Yankees, Basketball would bt the Lakers and Hockey would be the Dead Wings. And to top it off, you're from Nebraska.

  • October 17, 2007

    1:10 PM

    The Dude writes:

    Oh man, cheap shot at Nebraska when they are down. I bet he is a fan of the first three though.

  • October 17, 2007

    11:28 PM

    Michael writes:

    Awesome cartoon Drew!!!
    I am amazed that some people (or person) keep running their mouths even after a team came together as a team and has done something as special as the Rockies have done. Any team that gets to the World Series has done something special and has proven their worth as a team. Especially the way the Rockies have.
    Now the Rockies are going to do one better and sweep the Indians. History here we come ā€“ okay reality is that that would be beyond amazing and unbelievable, but I am going to stick with the prediction just so I can say - ā€œI told you so.ā€
    Any way that it ends, the Rockies are a great team and have given us a great season. Bring on whoever the ALCS Chump may be!

  • October 17, 2007

    11:45 PM

    Michael writes:

    The Rockies have created a great story for true baseball fans. It is great to see the national media a buzz about our Rockies. Iā€™m in Minnesota and even the local broadcasters are psyched about this Rockies team. This story created by our Rockies is the best thing for baseball that has happened in a long time.

  • October 18, 2007

    2:15 AM

    A Sense of Betrayal writes:

    The best part of the Rox winning?

    Seeing the SERIOUSLY overhyped Denver Donkeys relegated to second-place status in the sports pages, and the sports reports on the news.

    Hey, WCH, how about dissing on the Donkeys once in a while? You want overpaid thugs, check out the Toilet Bowl off I-25. Talk about a cult compound.

    ($20 you can't go an hour without checking in with FoxNews, to make sure nothing happened in the world without your oh-so-exalted permission. I've got a so-called father just like you, I've heard some of your material coming out of his mouth.)

    I'm hoping for Cleveland, and not only because I was raised a Yankees fan and want to see the Sox lose, but because I have friends who are citizens of Red Sox Nation, and I *do* want to be able to talk to them after Rocktober.

    I think I can finally stop looking for Lucy van Pelt and that blasted football, now. I'm only sorry that Larry, Dante, Vinny, Andres et al can't join in the fun anymore. 'Specially Andres and Larry.


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