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November 30, 2007 5:01 AM

Drew: Kicking Game


Thanks again to everyone who entered the Draw like Drew contest. Hopefully we'll do it again sometime.

Had to get this cartoon in on the Broncos recent meltdown on special teams and defense. What a mess. The whole season has been one very bizarre journey. I look for the Broncos to get well over the weekend but I still don't see how they will overcome the Chargers at year end.


  • November 30, 2007

    11:44 PM

    Frank writes:

    I notice that the NBA season is nearly one-fourth over, and the Nuggets still have not beaten a team that was better than .500 when the Nuggets played them. Is it actually possible for the Nuggets to play a real team at some point? What a horribly easy schedule Denver was given. This is the NBA, right?
    And I am very surprised that Carmelo Anthony wasn't suspended for the rest of the season for choking that Laker player. Good going Carmelo. You're the dirtiest player in the league. You're going to really tick off an opposing player one day and you aren't going to be walking off the court when that day comes to pass. You're going to be hauled off on a stretcher.

  • December 1, 2007

    1:43 AM

    Jacob writes:

    Jesus Christ Frank, it was a cheap shot but the whole season? Jermaine O'Neal got 30 games for punching a fan, why don't you understand the word "precedent" you moron before you actually make a comment. Carmelo slapped a guy in the throat, quite different from knocking a fan on its arse. And if you knew anything about NBA scheduling you would understand that the Nuggets would be screwed in that they have played a powderpuff schedule so far. They play every team in the loaded western conference meaning that they will play a tougher schedule late in the season. Drew, take the idiots off of your blog, they make you look bad. Good job understanding the nature of basketball Frank, maybe next week I can teach you what traveling is.

  • December 1, 2007

    2:01 PM

    John writes:

    Jacob -

    A little word of advice. Calm it down. Frank's rant was nothing. It was directed towards Anthony and the Nuggets. What you're doing, however, is "attacking" Frank by calling him an idiot. Seems like maybe you're the one who needs to be removed from this blog, no? The fact that Anthony wasn't suspended a single game speaks volumes about how messed up the NBA is. Here we have a guy in Anthony that was yanked for 15 games for fighting last year, and due to being a repeat offender by doing what he did in L.A., he gets nothing.Simply put, if you do enough to be ejected from a game, you should be automatically suspended from the next contest as well.

  • December 1, 2007

    5:46 PM

    Tracy writes:

    Right. No kidding, Jacob. What's your point in verbally attacking Frank? Please explain.

  • December 3, 2007

    1:03 PM

    Ken writes:

    Drew's cartoon is right on the mark. Jim Bates, the Broncos' defensive coach, doesn't have the players to fit his scheme and hasn't yet acknowledged it. Shanahan deserves a quick kick in the butt for bringing in Bates and not getting the players he(Shanahan) needs to make the system work.

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