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December 15, 2007 5:00 AM

Drew: Broncos Wrap-up



  • December 15, 2007

    12:01 PM

    Bill from Wichita writes:

    I would have put toon out there after the sound beatings by the Bears and Green Bay!

  • December 15, 2007

    12:04 PM

    Bill From Wichita writes:

    I would have put this toon out there after the sound beatings by the Bears and Green Bay!

  • December 15, 2007

    12:23 PM

    Tom writes:

    The Broncos might want to consider one of these gags for Brandon Marshall.
    He embarrasses the team when the Broncos are losing badly and he catched a 5-yard pass, and then goes into he Hulk Hogan impersonation screaming "Arrruugggahhyyyaaa!!" or something.

    Dude. You caught a five yard pass. Your team is losing by 20. Cripes.

    He does this EVERY game. It's highly annoying to see. The Broncos really should tell him to stop. Act like you've been there before. It's as bad as cornerbacks strutting because they, *gasp*, DEFENDED a pass. It's their JOB! They shouldn't act like they've done something magical.
    If I'm at work and I go make a copy of a record on the machine, I don't suddenly do a little dance and scream to the heavens "OH YEAH, BABY....YEAAAHHHHWUGGGA!!!"
    I just go on with my day and continue to work. These guys should too.


  • December 16, 2007

    10:33 AM

    Kevin in Ca. writes:

    Now that is a funny cartoon. Excellent work Drew....

  • December 16, 2007

    3:46 PM

    Matt writes:

    Do you use marker on some black/white 'toons?
    How do you color your cartoons?
    pen/ink? marker? paint?
    digitally with photo shop?
    Comes out awesome!

  • December 17, 2007

    12:45 PM

    Kevin writes:

    Crap... I actually agree with Tom for once...

  • December 17, 2007

    4:01 PM

    Tom writes:

    Kind of ironic that this time the Browns were the team that bumped the Broncos out of the playoff picture. I would imagine that in Cleveland, they feel pretty good about that.

    On the Brandon Marshall thing, yes...he's a good receiver. Yes, he'll probably be a very good receiver. But he's WAY too cocky for a guy who has yet to win anything in the league. It's like he WANTS to be Terrell Owens. I find that disturbing. Owens is a primadonna who has also never won a damn thing. Not the person I would choose to idolize if I were Brandon.
    Some free safety needs to pop Owens a good one on a crossing pattern. Owens needs to be hit so hard that he's knocked out, wakes up, spits out a few teeth, and walks to the sideline with the thought that he might want to shut his fat mouth.
    Sooner than later, if his attitude doesn't change, I'll be saying the same about Marshall.


  • December 17, 2007

    9:54 PM

    Rambam writes:

    Gollygeewillikers, I wish *I* could draw so I could get paid to foist *MY* jackass opinions on the world. Self-righteous putz.

  • December 18, 2007

    7:08 AM

    bmd writes:

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy football. But I can't imagine these millionaires wringing their hands over me/us. Realistically, does anyone REALLY believe they would have caused any harm in the post season? Bandwagonism or realism, let each be convinced in their own mind.

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