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January 3, 2008 8:25 PM

Drew Litton: Bate's Buzzard


The Buzzard is hovering and Jim Bates knows it. Kind of a shame. The guy never had the chance. I wonder...was it the case of his defensive scheme just not working or a bunch of younger players unmotivated and unwilling to learn it.


Wasn't it cool watching the snow fall during the NHL's Winter Classic on New Years? Sort of reminds you of days gone by.

And if you haven't seen this movie check this out. Very cool. Too bad they can't play all of the NHL games in the snow. They might actually grow a larger fan base.



  • January 3, 2008

    11:23 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    Not to dwell on the negative, but the ONLY reason the NHL got such high television ratings was because it was a novelty game.

    Oh, that and the fact the the NHL enjoys SHOVING Sidney Crosby down out throats. I think it probably took the casual fan at least until halfway through the first period to find out from the announcers just WHICH TEAM Sidney and his pals were playing. Funny how the game was being played in BUFFALO, and it seemed like a Penguins home game from the viewpoint of NBC.
    This is why I will probably not watch any game that has Sidney Crosby in it ever again. Just listening to these announcers with their slobber fest over Crosby was flat out disgusting.

    He's a good talent, but good God, he's not Gretzky, he's now Gorie Howe, he's not Bobby Orr.

    He's a kid on a crappy team that was saved from extinction by the hands of Gary Bettman. Bettman single-handedly made sure that the Pens stayed in Pittsburgh.

    Too bad he was unwilling to lift a finger to help the franchises in Quebec, Hartford and Winnepeg when they needed saving.

    The NHL has sold out. It's why the game really isn't fun any longer. And it's a shame, because when it's a game it really great. When it's a business with a corrupt commish, then it's a sham.


    (Nice photo of the kids on the frozen tundra Drew....and Mystery is a GREAT FILM.)

  • January 3, 2008

    11:26 PM

    Tom writes:

    Oops...forgot to type my name in there on that post...and I made a typo too. I meant GORDIE Howe. Silly me.

  • January 4, 2008

    9:36 PM

    Brian writes:

    I never understood firing a coach after just 1 season. It's one thing if the coach says that they cannot improve but otherwise it sometimes takes more than 1 season to get the right players comfortable with a scheme.

    Take a look at the offense. It had 11 years of consistency with Kubiak. You don't replace that overnight either and I haven't heard anyone call for offensive coaches heads over the lack of red zone performance these past two years.

  • January 6, 2008

    2:37 AM

    Thrawn writes:


    That is because most people associate the offense with Shanahan, and believe me, many are calling for his head. I have no idea who they have in mind for a replacement, but they certainly are looking for a change.


    I could not agree more on what you said about Sidney Crosby. Sure he's a good talent, but it got rather old listening to talk about being Gretzky before he ever played a game. It made me almost hate the kid before I ever saw him play simply because the talking heads on the sports networks had their lips surgically attached to his butt.

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