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January 24, 2008 5:42 AM

Drew Litton: Dan O'Dowd Takes Aim


One of the many things I love about this job is that it never gets boring. There are so many topics to choose from in just about every sport imaginable (don't recall any cricket cartoons, but, hey, there's a first for everything). It's great to be able to sneak in a few Rockies cartoons right before the Super Bowl. And I have a great time drawing Dan O'Dowd who looks amazingly like Howdy Doody.

I had the chance to meet yesterday with Randy Polliard, an incredibly talented Sports Cartoonist for the Seattle Times. It's always great to meet other cartoonists and talk about the state of the business. We compared notes on Flash animation and where we thought it might lead in the future of newspapers and online content. It's already a huge component of the internet and we both think it will only continue to grow. It's a wave we both intend on riding.

To see a fun sample of Flash check out this Walt Handelsman cartoon.http://weblogs.newsday.com/news/opinion/walthandelsman/blog/2007/11/animation_baby_boomers.html. He's the editorial cartoonist for Newsday and won last year's Pulitzer Prize due in large part to his animations.

I recently discovered the work of Richard Thompson, who just launched a new strip called Cul De Sac. You can see it in the News everyday. I love seeing the work of cartoonists I'm unfamiliar with. I did a search in Amazon and found this treasure trove of cartoons from the feature that Thompson draws for the Washington Post. Absolutely fantastic work.



  • January 24, 2008

    9:57 AM

    Paul Wooten writes:

    That Walt Handelsman flash-animated parody of "Born To Be Wild" was unbelievably good, Drew...thanks for the link. This was exactly the type of thing that made JibJab famous, and the same thing we talked about at King Soopers 12 days ago. Hope you are honing your flash skills :-)

  • January 24, 2008

    7:47 PM

    Scott writes:

    It's been announced that Marshmello and Anti- Intelligence have been "voted" in as starters for the NBA All-Star game.
    This clearly shows why the voting needs to be taken out of the public's hands and the selections need to be done by the head coaches of the teams or the players themselves.
    Add the fact that Dwayne Wade was voted in when both he and his team have been godawful. What a complete joke the NBA had become.

  • January 24, 2008

    10:53 PM

    Mike writes:

    Excellent point Scott. The All-Star voting is really set up in an awful way. I guess I could see Iverson being selected, but really I cannot understand why Carmelo Anthony is considered an All-Star in this league. He's a terrible defender. He's way too streaky of a shooter. He never hustles. He's not a team-first player. He doesn't listen to his coach.
    He's a prima-donna, but then again, so is Iverson.
    Anthony has his stature only because of the fact that he was selected in the same draft as another primadonna, LeBron James. Detroit has to be thanking their lucky stars that they turned down the opportunity to draft Anthony. Teams do not win with players like Carmelo. Sure, they might do okay in the regular season, but they fail in the playoffs. Anthony has failed in the playoffs. This is Iverson's team, and the Nuggets would be far better if they rid themselves of Anthony and let Iverson run the show and if the Nuggets could bring in a defender like a Bruce Bowen. They need a serious defensive stopper. They've never had one.
    George Karl is probably the right coach. The real problem is that his players do not listen to him. Especially Anthony.
    Good post.

  • January 25, 2008

    3:32 AM

    Richard Thompson writes:

    Hey Drew, Thanks for the kind words! I've got an old acquaintance who gets your paper and saying nice things about it, so I was poking around the website and saw this. Right back at you, and hope you get to do a cricket cartoon someday, just so you've covered all the bases.

  • January 25, 2008

    10:13 AM

    Cad-Man writes:

    Well scott, I agree w/ you about Mello and AI.
    I've watched a number of Nuggets games this year (sadly) But I personally think that both of them are selfish players and neither deserve to go anywhere but a Semi-Pro league.
    Whenever either one gets their hands on the ball they want to be the hero and try and score, instead of passing the ball to a teammate.

    If you watch a really good team play, the winners are the teams that pass and pass and pass the ball to find the opening.

    Mike, If this is Iverson's team, then I will say that the Nuggets will never go anywhere but in the pooper. He thinks He's better than he really is.

    My goodness. My Wife dosen't even know much about the game at all, but after watching a few minutes w/ me from time to time she notices that they both are selfish, without hearing me say it. She said, "Why don't they let Camby and Linus handle the ball more " !!

    Makes one think, if an ametuer that dosen't know much about the game
    see's this, then why can't George Karl ?

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