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January 23, 2008 5:15 AM

Drew Litton: Super Bowl XLII Preview


And so the Circus is on...Pats vs. Giants, Brady vs. Eli, Pepsi vs. Coke. Personally I'm looking forward to the Tom Petty halftime show. Let me know what you think.


  • January 23, 2008

    5:57 AM

    Brian writes:

    Go Eli!!!!

  • January 23, 2008

    5:59 AM

    Yvonne Paul writes:

    Lived in Denver my whole life and will always love the Broncos. Now living in Boston for 10 years and I don't get the anti-Pats thing. What's not to like? They're awesome on and off the field. The Brady Baby thing is a cheap shot....what...he's the only guy in the history of football to have this happen? C'mon....

  • January 23, 2008

    7:54 AM

    Wes writes:

    Seems like someone woke up on the wrong side of the drawing board!

    Sheesh! All the negativity!!!!!!!

  • January 23, 2008

    10:13 AM

    Scot writes:


  • January 23, 2008

    10:22 AM

    good ol' george writes:

    Everyone loves the Patriots. It's Belichek that everyone hates.
    As for the hype, who cares about Brady and Gisele? Now if Bridget Moynihan showed up....

  • January 23, 2008

    10:31 AM

    Tom writes:

    Tom Brady's paternal issues are hardly uncommon. That said, Travis Henry's paternal issues are freakish and Jerry Springer-ish.

    As for all this Spygate crap...can everyone get over it already? Nothing that happened impacted a game at all. The league clearly looked into the matter. Had there been evidence that the allegations of spying had any impact on the outcome of a contest, there would have been hell to pay and people would have been getting arrested and or banned/fired. None of that happened. The league policed itself and moved on. The Pats basically said "Screw the critics" and beat the hell out of anyone and everyone who dared get in their way. They were focused and unapologetic and basically everything that a championship team should be. The biggest surprise to me was that Randy Moss became the player everyone knew he could be. He behaved himself, and I was quite surprised by that. I don't think anyone expected the Pats to go 18-0 so far, and I guarantee that was not their plan either. Their plan was to win a Superbowl. Period.
    Love or hate them, they are the clear and undisputed model for NFL success.

  • January 23, 2008

    11:34 AM

    gtbk writes:

    If any of you don't like what is said on a DENVER board go to your own site and write all the trash you want!! The Patriots DID cheat AND were caught..the nfl should have not only fined the Patriots but the win over the Jets should have been forfeited..The Patriots are definately not the perfect team that they are claim to be..their pride was wounded when they were caught cheating and since then EVERY SINGLE PLAYER on the patriots team has had a chip on their shoulder..You DO realize that some team some where will knock that chip off their shoulder and that will be THE team people will respect.
    I am soooo sick of the Brady bunch but looks like I will have to put up with the "no class" team for a bit longer.

  • January 23, 2008

    1:25 PM

    Tom writes:

    gtbk - Valium are available through your local physician. Please call him/her for a consultation.

    And please also consult your local eye doctor so he/she can check your vision. My post never said that the Pats didn't cheat. I said that there has been zero evidence shown that any of that cheating had any impact on the outcome of any game, including the jets game. The cameras were seized during the very first part of the game.
    If you want to talk cheating that actually had an impact on a roster and thus, game outcomes look no further (as others on this forum have pointed out) than the Denver Broncos during thir Superbowl years. They knowingly broke salary cap rules to ensure that they could keep certain players on their roster. Certain key players actually.

    You're calling the kettle black.

    I'm not the Brady Bunch. Just pointing out actual facts. I have no need to madly rant as you seem to enjoy doing.


  • January 23, 2008

    4:54 PM

    Mike D writes:


    Again, you are misstating facts.

    Again: The Broncos circumventing of the salary cap was deferring cash owed to two players (Elway and Davis) to ease cash flow problems associated with the building of Invesco. The NFL, in their decision, stated unequivocally, that no competitive advantage was gained and no player (or players) were gained or retained via this maneuver.

    As correct as you are in your analysis of the Pats situation, you are equally incorrect in repeating this misstatement.

    Repeating it over and over again won't make it true. Both teams broke the rules but neither team gained a competitive advantage. The two are incredibly similar without any need for misstatement or twisting of the facts.

  • January 23, 2008

    6:00 PM

    Tom writes:

    They deferred the cash so they could KEEP the PLAYERS.
    It had little or nothing to do with Invesco Field.
    Come on Mike, you're reaching....


  • January 23, 2008

    7:11 PM

    Mike D writes:

    Quoting from the Washington Post's article on the punishment: (the Henderson quoted is Harold Henderson, Chairman of the Management Council and the NFL's Exec VP of Labor Relations, who announced the fine).

    "The investigation resulted in the discovery of undisclosed agreements between the club and Broncos players during the same period [1996-1998] pursuant to which various players agreed to defer certain compensation in exchange for a commitment to pay interest on the deferred amounts," Henderson said in the statement. "These agreements were plainly designed to help the club cope with seasonal cash flow problems exacerbated by the Broncos' need to fund front-end expenditures associated with development of the new stadium in Denver."

    That new stadium, being of course, Invesco.

  • January 23, 2008

    10:07 PM

    Tom writes:

    Well, you're wrong. But have it your way Mike. Spin that crap any way you want it.

    From the same article:

    "Henderson did not directly address the issue of whether the club gained a competitive advantage but said the Broncos circumvented the cap to help pay for costs related to the construction of Invesco Field at Mile High.

    He didn't directly address the issue about whether the Broncos gained a competetive advantage. Wow. That's strangely curious.

    "This set of violations, the league said, was related both to agreements between the team and "several" unidentified players to defer salary payments with interest and to a 1997 agreement between the club and a former player to not waive the player prior to a certain date. "Both types of agreements raised salary cap accounting issues," the league said."

    Gee, I wonder who these "Unidentified" players were. I'll bet my life I can name at least two of the "several"....John Elway & Terrell Davis. Guaranteed.

    I'm done debating this. The Broncos are just as guilty as New England. They just cheated in different ways.

    It's just really annoying when Denver fans rake a team like the Pats over the coals when their own team cheated in a different, but just as terrible way.

    Just accept that your Superbowl trophies are just as tarnished as New England's are and move on already. But really....stop calling the kettle black. Cripes.

  • January 24, 2008

    12:00 AM

    Mike D writes:

    Fair enough Tom.

    Mind you, in my first point, I agreed completely with your point on the Patriots. Mind you, in the same post, I agreed the Broncos cheated in an equally egregious way and were just as guilty. Mind you, I've always written and admitted the deferred players salaries were TD and Elway. Mind you, from your OWN quote, he wouldn't comment on competitive advantage but explicitly noted they circumvented the cap to pay for the costs for Invesco.

    I'm the one spinning crap. Okay.

  • January 24, 2008

    9:36 AM

    Pau; Wooten writes:

    Good work, Drew. Can't wait to see your Flash Animation skills in action!

  • January 24, 2008

    11:29 PM

    Charlie writes:

    There is a big difference between knowing what plays are being called by the opposite team and paying a player deferred payments.

  • January 26, 2008

    8:30 AM

    beau dasious writes:

    Actually the reason the Broncos lost a 3rd Rd pick was because of a debt owed to the NFL not Salery Cap Issues. The Broncos were short on cash in 1998 so John Elway and Terrell Davis were deferrred $29 million, to be paid later, with interest. This is legal by NFL rules. The money was counted normally against the salary cap.

    The NFL has a deferred compensation fund that they require NFL teams to pay money to so that teams don't fall heavily into debt if they can't pay the players back. In 2000, the NFL said that $29 million was too much to defer, and Denver had to pay 75% of that immediately, so Denver paid Elway and Davis immediately. They also owed the NFL $303,000 to the deferred compensation fund of which the Broncos were unaware. After learning about this, the money was paid with $663,000 in interest, or "Fine" as the media put it.

    In a memo from the NFL to the Broncos, they ruled that this violation was unrelated to the salary cap, that it did not give the Broncos a competitive advantage, and that the Broncos did not make a deliberate attempt to break league rules regarding deferred compensation obligations. However, they still were stripped of a third round pick, as is the normal punishment for this kind of thing.

  • October 1, 2008

    7:19 PM

    mike shanahan writes:

    broncos suck

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