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January 22, 2008 5:02 AM

Drew Litton: The Rockies Miracle



  • January 22, 2008

    11:15 AM

    sweetlou94 writes:

    Three good signings, one questionable - unless you buy the notion that by avoiding arbitration we will have a shot at signing Holliday in two years. I doubt it. Boras is his agent and he will seek top dollar for Holliday. All the Rox did was hope for some good will while they totally extended themselves if Holiday gets hurt this year. Regardless or a two year contract or arbitration for the next two years, Holliday was going to cost the Rox around 23 million. Its not like we got one free agent year out of him like we did with Tulo and Francis. That would have made the deal worthwhile. The checkbook opened, but only for guys eligible for arbitration. Tulo, Francis and Cook great deals for the Rox becasue they are getting free agent years at a probable discount. All in all the Monforts have not opened the checkbook that widely. I think you missed the mark.

  • January 22, 2008

    2:04 PM

    Tom writes:

    All the Monforts did was delay the inevitable.
    Holliday is gone in two years time, if for no other reason than the Boston Red Sox (remember them?) will be looking for a left fielder to replace Manny Ramirez. Manny's contract, if I'm correct, is up in 2009. There is no way Charlie & Co will ante up to what Boston will be willing to offer.
    As for Tulo, well....the problem I see is this. If...and this is a big if....but IF he turns out to be a one hit wonder...the Rockies are screwed. On the other side, he may turn out to be a 35 HR, 140 RBI guy who makes under 10 errors, and then he's no longer worth 5 Mil a year. He'll pretty much demand to renegotiate his contract, and the Rockies will have to comply. If they were to refuse to comply with a renegotiation, then you can kiss all the goodwill of Tulo goodbye and the Rockies will undoubtedly need to trade him or lose him for certain after 6 years (which will be when he would be basically hitting the prime age range for MLB players).

    This is very dangerous territory. It would work out well, or it could put the Rockies back in the black hole that is last place in the NL West.

    All the Holliday signing did was make people who don't read the fine print feel better. It was a nothing deal. It made no impact whatsoever on anything relating to contract issues. Holliday is going to get his money from the Rockies or, presumably Boston, Chicago, New York, or L.A. when his time comes due. And even though he might say he likes it here in Colorado, he can be happy anywhere for the right offer.


  • January 22, 2008

    4:34 PM

    Matt writes:

    Manny Ramirez' contract is up after 2008. He has
    team options for 2009 and 2010.
    The team has already said that they will pick up the 2009 option and likely the 2010 option.
    The word around Fenway is that the Red Sox would like to extend Manny after 2010 and Manny wants to retire a Red Sox.
    Manny is a far better hitter than Matt Holliday and the ManRam is sure to be a 1st ballott Hall of Famer
    on his first year of eligibilty.
    David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez are MUCH MUCH more dangerous hitters than Helton and Holliday. Our 2 World Series rings in '04-'07
    prove that!
    What've Holliday and Helton brought your Rox?
    Nothing but the feel of a sweeping broom of a World Series you were never meant to be in.
    Nuff Said.

  • January 22, 2008

    5:19 PM

    Mike D writes:


    Delaying the inevitable is exactly the point of the Tulo move.

    Instead of going through three years of arbitration with Tulo, with no cost certainty, or losing him in '11, they now have him locked in through '13. And, while there is always the possibility of contract unhappiness (although it's important to point Grady Sizemore, who the Rockies used as a model for this contract, is tremendously underpaid under a similar contract setup and never said a peep), what you're ignoring is the whole point of this contract. The Rockies are paying him far more for the next couple of years than they would have originally, and in return, he's forfeiting his first couple of years of FA.

    You're right the Rox can't compete with the big boys financially in the open market. And that's exactly why this moves are such a good and positive sign. They're are postponing having to.

    If you want to argue the Rockies are overvaluing their roster (namely Cook, Taveras, and Yorvit) from last year's miracle run, we can talk. But blindly criticizing locking up one of their best players beyond his initial contract is just silly. It's the way small market teams compete and survive.

  • January 22, 2008

    9:44 PM

    Tom writes:

    They aren't my Rox, and I'm not a fan of any particular team.

    Anway, I could see Manny moving to right field to make room for Holliday to play left if it would help the Red Sox. He's enough of a team first, win at whatever cost guy. He could put any ego stuff aside to improve the club.

    All I'm doing here is speculating what can likely be a scenario should the Brothers Monfort decide they can't strike a deal.

    Holliday seemed to like hitting in Boston this past season.

    Again, it's just a speculation.

  • January 23, 2008

    8:38 AM

    Russ writes:

    Hey Mike D.

    Wow you seem to be Mr RedSox...How many times has Manny said he wants to be traded and then ends up staying because no other team wants him. So you think he you have his career all maped out. No the Rockies have not won two world series but the Rockies dont have a 200 million dollar payroll. The reason the Red Sox won the World Series is not because of "ManRam" as you so lovingly call him and Ortiz. The pitching and other players won that World Series. Neither one of them being the MVP is proves that!! So go back to the east coast. Sure was nice when we didnt have to hear from Boston fans for the 80 some years without a World Series. Lets see how long have the Rockies been in the league and already to a World Series and how long did it take Boston to win one between Championships. Also if the Rockies didnt deserve to be there like you said then I guess the Red Sox last World Series shoulnt count....

    Nuff Said!!!!

  • January 23, 2008

    3:55 PM

    Jacyln writes:

    We must have arrived if the Boston fans are wasting their time trash talking on our local blogs. Don't they have better things to do like harass the Yankees and NY Giants fans? But thanks for keeping the Rockies in the forefront of your mind, we appreciate the attention.

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