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February 28, 2008 5:01 AM

Drew Litton: Aging Avalanche



  • February 29, 2008

    8:48 PM

    Cole writes:

    I usually see these cartoons and totally agree with them, but not with the recent Av ones. Don't try and say that Adam Foote isn't going to make a difference, because he already has in the game against Vancouver. I think that Forsberg is also going to be a spark, just because the other players will be energized by getting to play with him. Obviously Sakic still has more than a few tricks up his sleeves, and all in all I like the direction the Avs are heading in.

  • March 1, 2008

    12:10 AM

    Thrawn writes:

    I guess I'm not as excited about the moves. I think we could have done better with a first round pick. They were a lot further away from contending in my opinion.

    I was more sorry to see Foote go than Forsberg a couple of years ago to be honest. He still has a few good years left if he can maintain what Chelios and Lidstrom have. Those guys don't seem to age. Chelios is what, 106?

    A buddy of mine from Philly once asked me what the Avs were going to do without Forsberg. I asked him what the Flyers were going to do since they put most of their eggs in that basket. We were used to not having him for whole or half seasons. I'm not even sure how he can consider his career fun anymore.

  • March 27, 2008

    2:58 PM

    Denver Fan writes:

    Nothing new to see here, folks. If Drew does an Avs-related cartoon (which is rare enough as it is), it's virtually guaranteed to be a negative one. Despite his recent nagging injury, Foote has been a monster for this team on defense, the team is 10-5 in their last 15 games, and they're right in the thick of the playoff race in spite of a ton of injuries. Yet not one positive cartoon from Drew since... well... since when?

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