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February 9, 2008 5:00 AM

Drew Litton: Pro Bowl Paranoia


No, I won't be blogging cartoons live during the Pro Bowl. It's doubtful I'll even turn it on, much less cartoon about it. It's so anti-climatic. I wish they'd bring back the old college all-star game. It pitted the Super Bowl champion team against the best of the incoming college ranks. That was somewhat fun to watch, though these days, totally impossible given the investment NFL teams make in rookies.

I spoke yesterday to the students at Ranch View Middle school as part of their career day.
What a great bunch of students. I showed them the Super Bowl blog I did last Sunday and talked about some of the changes the newspaper industry is going through. I always try to encourage young people to follow their dreams. I'm thankful I'm getting to live mine by drawing cartoons. I gave out a few caricatures to Drake, Ryan and Juan and only wished I had been able to draw a few more for everyone who wanted one. Any way, a big thanks to everyone at Ranch View. Go Wolves!


  • February 11, 2008

    9:41 AM

    Bill writes:

    So...the Nuggets are looking at getting Ron Artest.
    Now that's a perfect match. Add yet another problem child to a growing rpster of problem children....
    Maybe Artest and Anthony can beat the crap out of the opposing team's best players while the remaining Nuggets take the shots and rebound. Sounds like a great game plan. It also might be a more effective way of winning games against the West. All they've done lately is feast on teams that are depleted because of injuries. Should be fun seeing them try to keep pace with real teams like Boston, Phoenix, San Antonio, and others in the coming weeks.
    If the Nuggets actually trade for Artest, George Karl should just walk away. How Karl continues to put up with this dysfunctional team is amazing.

  • February 11, 2008

    11:17 AM

    Marcus writes:

    Check this quote from Anthony after the Cavs/Nuggets game -

    CLEVELAND - One NBA player lords over LeBron James.

    Carmelo Anthony rules Cleveland’s hoops King.

    “I know he hates losing to me,” Anthony said with a laugh.

    Notice Anthony says "ME". Not "US", but "ME". Yeah....it's all about you Carmelo. Always has been.....

    At least George Karl had a realistic outlook on the game...

    Denver coach George Karl took his team’s lopsided win in stride, knowing the Cavaliers weren’t at full strength.

    “They’re so banged up and beat up,” he said. “They couldn’t make a shot and we had an easier game because we did some good things. It was one of those games where can go home and say we played, but they were shorthanded too.”

    The Nuggets have had an extremely soft schedule this entire season. Pretty much a big joke.

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