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March 5, 2008 5:00 AM

Drew Litton: Spring Training spending spree


We've been having problems here on the blog lately with getting the cartoon up and posted and your ability to leave your very valued comments. It's a software issue, and hopefully we can get it taken care of. Until then I ask for your patience and your continued readership. I think some of the last few springtraining cartoons are visible. If not, leave a comment or e-mail me at littond@rockymountainnews.com, and I'll forward it on to the web people.

Sincerely yours in the heart of the Cactus League,



  • March 5, 2008

    6:37 PM

    Tom writes:

    The problem with the Rockies is that all Charlie and Dick are spending their money on is the same players that lost the World Series last year.
    Now, yes...the Rockies had a magical run, and everyone got to get all gushy and feel-goody because all of that was unexpected. Great.
    But that kind of run will never happen again, to any team, ever.
    The Monforts are still cheap. They'll keep the public thinking that they're going to give Holliday a fair offer. They'll keep stringing people along. They'll keep signing these players like Hawpe and Tulowitski, and so on and so forth. Great.
    The real problem is that they won't ante up to sign anyone else but their own. That won't be enough to get over the hump. Yeah, the Rockies might be lucky enough to be mildly competitive this year, and maybe next, but at some point, to be a serious franchise, they will have to take a serious dip into serious free agency. The Monforts will never do this. Thus, the Rockies will be a .500 or a little bit better than .500 team, or maybe even a sub-.500 team from time to time. They'll probably rise and fall between winning 70-85 games per season going forward, but that will not be close to ebeing nough in a much better NL West. Not to mention the Mets are the team to beat now in the National League. There are still so many teams that are better than Colorado. The Rockies got lucky last year. They rode Lady Luck so hard for so long and they had their chance. They blew it at the end. Teams just do not get chances like that almost ever. When a chance like that comes along, a team has to take full advantage or that team will forever regret it.
    I've head a lot of people here disrespecting the Patriots for losing the Superbowl. They say that 2nd place is nothing more than the 1st loser. Well...that makes the Rockies MLB's 1st loser then, not the National League Champions. They're just 1st losers, right?
    The Monforts suck people. Understand that. They are playing Rockies fans like a cheap violin. They lined their pockets with last years World Series cash, and aren't giving you an improved product.


  • March 18, 2008

    8:23 PM

    Rusty writes:

    baseball is not like nascar. if im not mistaken tom. there were 28 other teams that were eliminated before the rox were swept.i know the rox played a huge part in eliminating atleast 4 postseason contending teams during that stretch. so your idea of the rox being 1st loser doesnt quite apply to baseball or any tournement contested sport.

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