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March 28, 2008 7:30 PM

win,lose & Drew: Rockies hill to climb


Thoughts and musings for the weekend...

A. Can the Rockies repeat their amazing finish in 2008 ? Only time will tell but they certainly have an incredible lineup at the front and middle of the order. I think they might struggle early to overcome the playoff hangover from having extended their season beyond expectations, but if the rotation settles in they will be in the hunt.

B. Who will win the NCAA tournament? Don't know, but this weekends games should be a nice lead-in to opening day.

C. Is it me or do the arts in our culture seem to be dying? TV is nothing but reality shows. Stores are carrying less and less selection for DVD's to replace the bad television and unless you want to download everything to an i-pod you can't hardly even find a CD store anymore. I order almost everything online now which is fine, except, you know, I really like browsing through a store. Plus I get the strange feeling that every time I order something online, I'm costing someone a job who used to work at the store where I used to buy things in person. I'm all for technology, but at what point does it begin to become inconvenient or counter productive? For instance, I can't play an i-pod in the car. My car is not equipped for it. And, personally, I have no desire to watch TV programs, movies or youtube clips on a 3 inch i-pod screen, or a computer screen for that matter. And the one thing that concerns me most is...with the wave of technology, who and how are we going to pay for content. Everything on the web is free, i-tunes is considering giving sound files away for nothing, and revenue is down in all forms of the media, from TV, to newspapers to radio. Currently there is little economic structure to sustain any of it, certainly not in the way we have grown accustomed to seeing it or hearing it. These are the challenges ahead and as an artist and someone in the media, I probably spend more time than others thinking about these things. I'm not sure any of us fully understand the impact the internet is having on our lives and our economy.

D. Any Ren and Stimpy fans out there? While I find some of the humor a little on the gross side, the animation is terrific and I've become a fan of John Kricfalusi, the shows creator. He has a terrific blog that is worth checking out.


  • March 29, 2008

    9:17 AM

    Spidey writes:

    Just to sit back and enjoy baseball, just put aside expectations until September...

  • March 31, 2008

    1:38 AM

    Anthony writes:

    Its becoming a Jetson's why of life. I to remember Ren and Stimpy. loved them. They still come on cable. Keep writing good cartoons and the Rockies will be just fine this year.Go Nuggets!!

  • March 31, 2008

    5:41 PM

    Tom writes:

    How fortunate for the Rockies.....

    On Opening Day...Jeff Francis gets shelled for 5 runs, 17 of his first 19 pitches are balls, misses the plate on his first ten offerings....throws 70 pitches in 3 innings....

    Helton makes a bonehead play in the field....

    ....and it doesn't matter. It never happened.

    Ladies and Gentlemen....your 2008 Colorado Rockies. Not a true contender, but still riding Lady Luck for all she's worth. Isn't she tired yet?

    There really needs to be a rule that the make-up game begins with the same score and in the same inning that was in effect when the original game was postponed. It's just unfair to the team that was leading at the time. I'd say the same thing even if the Rockies had been winning. It's just wrong. I mean, hell....is it the Cardinals fault that Francis couldn't settle down? Is it their fault that it rained?

    This wiping the slate clean rule is garbage.


  • April 10, 2008

    12:37 PM

    Trevor writes:


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