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April 24, 2008 9:58 PM

Avs vs. Red Wings: match play


A terrific first game between the Avs and Red Wings. Had Theodore not had a shaky start the Avs could have won this. Should be a great series from here on. Just a reminder to join me here on Saturday at 1 for my first ever NFL Draft Blog-O-Rama. I'll be posting cartoons during the draft, and , who knows, probably throw in a few Avs cartoons in the mix. You can leave your comments during the draft and , hopefully, if we get enough people we'll be able to have a great dialog about the draft and Avs-Red Wings game 2.


  • April 25, 2008

    7:50 AM

    Mike writes:

    Forsberg is worthless. Why did we bring this guy back again? Just for a farewell tour? Look Peter, if you can't play every game and contribute every game, go back to Sweden. You said you'd come back if you could still make a difference. Sitting in the press box is not making a difference.
    Jose is done, flu or not. And if anyone thinks the other Peter is going to make a difference in goal, well, that's just laughable.
    This team is Jekyll & Hyde. Has been since 2002. I hope Sakic actually does retire after this year so that this franchise can start anew and build through the draft like Chicago, Washington and Pittsburgh did. Those are the teams of the future. The Avs, as they are constructed right now, are a team of the past.

    I'm a very disappointed Avalanche fan.

  • April 25, 2008

    8:48 AM

    Brandon writes:

    It's good to be the biggest fan when everything is going great and to be so disappointed when the team struggles. Either your a fan or not! If you don't like this team just put a detroit jersey on and we'll see when the Av's go to the next round!

  • April 25, 2008

    9:15 AM

    {-=m2=-} writes:

    Drew, fantastic cartoon. Absolutely love the grin on the guy on the left. That was me in the 2nd and 3rd last night.

    This series is going 7.

  • April 25, 2008

    9:57 AM

    Mike writes:


    I'm a season-ticket holder. So, don't give me this junk about putting on a Detroit jersey. I pay good money to this team, an it's not so they can go out and sign retread players that are constantly injured. Yes, Peter WAS a great player. He is no longer a great player. He might be a "legend" in Colorado, but his time of being the dominant force he used to be is over. He needs to retire. The Avalanche team needs to rid themselves of players like Brunette, Sakic, Forsberg, & Foote and rebuild from the ground up. These players are past their prime. Are they adored by Avalanche fans? Sure. there's no doubt. But it's time to move on. It's been time to move on for a while now.
    The Avalanche roster is chock full of players that make zero difference over the course of a game. The Avalanche have never actually rebuilt. They desperately need to. It's going to take time and patience. I'm willing to have the Avs go through a 3-5 year process to clean house and build a contender. Right now, the wheels are spinning. The Avs need a top 5 draft pick like a Malkin or Ovechkin to build around. They're not going to get that kind of player drafting 20th all the time. Statsny is a nice player, but he's not the centerpiece that will take over the void left by Sakic's eventual departure.
    I'm not ripping the team. I'm being realistic. And as a STH, I expect more for my money than a constantly injured player taking up an important roster spot during the playoffs.

  • April 25, 2008

    11:07 AM

    Rob writes:

    I expected to log on here and see a bunch of complaining. But I see god things. Mike - your comments probably aren't going to prove popular, but your take is legit. The Avs have been floundering in mediocrity for years, so I have to say I agree with everything you've stated. It's hard to admit the Avs need a shakeup, but the truth hurts sometimes.

    Good post.

  • April 25, 2008

    12:11 PM

    Spolier writes:

    An objective post from a real hockey fan on this blog???

    That's unheard of. Usually it's just a bunch of homer Avs fans complaining about people who complain about the people who complain.

    I think Mike's comments are spot on. This is an old team that needs to (as badly as it might hurt initially) to rid itself of some of its well-worn pieces. This fanbase needs to let go of the umbilical that is Forsberg/Sakic. This needs to happen sooner than later for the health of the franchise and the fanbase. Sakic's production has faded (yes, injuries were a factor this year, but let's be real, he's never going to be Super Joe again.), and Forsberg is a shell of the player he was 5-6 years ago. Sure, Peter can still pass the puck, but a team needs more than a show pony to succeed. That said, it was nice to hear the truth from a season ticket holder and not just a bandwagon fan who can't see through their burgundy colored glasses.

  • April 25, 2008

    1:41 PM

    triplev writes:

    Forsberg, worthless, no. Past his prime and not worth signing next year, yes.

    Anyone suggesting they should not sign Sakic again is crazy. The guy has averaged about a point a game or more consistently his entire career, including this one. Its fair to assume those numbers will decline, but he isn't going to be worthless. So, where is the loyalty? No true hockey fan, especially an Avalanche one, wants to see a franchise player, long time captain, Stanley cup mvp, top ten leading NHL scorer and certain hall of famer switch sweaters after 18 years with the same franchise.

    This franchise, "floundering in mediocrity" is the most successful in Colorado since moving here 12 years ago. Probably in the top 10 in all of sports. How many others have one more than one championship in that timeframe, and gone to the playoffs 11 of 12 years.

    All is not perfect though, they do need a definite strong #1 goaltender to contend for a cup, its not clear they have one. They need some young defensemen as well, even more so than forwards. Who are the future defensemen?

    I agree somethings need to be addressed but it seems harsh to be blasting the organization.

  • April 25, 2008

    2:44 PM

    Shaupeen writes:

    No, Mike, this is an Avs blog. With your negative attitude and whining you are obviously looking for the Bronco blog. That's in a different section. Please leave any Avs jersey on the chair, and someone who is an actual Avs fan will sure appreciate it. Take your sniveling, negative attitude and head on over to Invesco Field. Thanks.

  • April 25, 2008

    3:15 PM

    Jeremy writes:

    Clearly, you don't put any stock in the points Forsberg scored in the regular season, the points he has scored in the playoffs, the glowing comments from his coaches, teammates, opponents, and opposing coaches about how he changes the whole course of the game. ALl of this is not in the distant past, mind you, but in the here and now. I guess if you don't actually want to look at any of the facets of hockey, you can go on believing Forsberg is "not making a difference".
    Drew, is it just coincidence that your sketch of the Wing on the Red Wings Jersey, looks like a human hand/arm coming out, complete with a long sleeve shirt as you trace the arm back? Kinda freaky.

  • April 25, 2008

    3:34 PM

    Zetterberg writes:

    Yes. It's a hand reaching out of the wheel to grasp the Stanley Cup that will soon be the property of the Detroit Red Wings.

    Thank you.

  • April 25, 2008

    5:49 PM

    Billy bob writes:

    Brandon is right!
    Shut the heck up and go put a wings jersey on. No one cares how freakin' much money you spend on tickets! You are one of those fair weather fans that thinks the team exists for your personal approval.
    We knew Foppa was not his old self, but if you bother to watch him, at 70% he is still better than most NHL'ers.
    Sell your tickets and shut up!
    I am sure the raiders could use another fan like you! I hear they have some STH available too!

  • April 25, 2008

    6:48 PM

    Kurt writes:

    If I had season tickets, I'd be pretty pumped right now about this series, and this season in general after the way it started.

    Maybe you should sell your tickets for the next game and get all that "good money back" and let the true fans, who don't wear red wing peter pan undies under the aves pants, enjoy the game...must suck sitting next to you.

    They held their own last night without "oldy Fors" and a healthy goalie, and managed to give detroit a great game on their home ice.....I would say it was an exciting game and a demonstration of great hockey...Sh%# there is a reason Detroit got the #1 seed....

    Can't wait for tomorrow, and great toon drew keep em coming the last 3-4 have been awesome!

  • April 25, 2008

    9:01 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Kurt, you can't call yourself a real avs fan if you don't even know how to spell avs. it's not "aves," anybody who's paid attention to this team even for a week knows that.

  • April 26, 2008

    1:30 AM

    Trevor writes:

    As a Colorado native and a hockey fan who dates back to when the original Rockies were here, I am generally pretty sickened by a lot of the Avalanche fans of today. Most are finge hockey fans at best. Most have never endured any amount of heartbreak at all when it comes to hockey. This generation was given a completed contender right from the start. So, because of this, you all act so high and mighty and you act so spoiled rotten.

    Try LOSING a team, or even try dealing with the trying times of sticking with an expansion franchise for a time. Nearly every current Avalanche fan has no idea what it's like to deal with adversity.

    I'm generally sick of most of you arrogant, rich, snobby "hockey fans" who think you're always entitled to everything. Most Avs fans weren't even hockey fans until the team arrived. And you all wouldn't have been hockey fans at all if the team had been an expansion franchise and struggled for 10 years out of the gate.

    Give me a break.

  • April 26, 2008

    2:28 AM

    jOSH writes:

    Hey Trevor,
    Do not group everyone into that. We do not all fit that, thanks. Mike makes good points except that he must not be aware of how well Peter has played. Learn something about hockey befor ranting, and no, being a STH is not equal to hockey knowledge. The only thing we need to do is play Det. physical. That will take away their posession game. The only thing in red that will give anyone trouble in Denver is the HUSKERS

  • April 26, 2008

    9:53 AM

    Chris writes:

    I think Trevor makes a great point. I lived in Quebec for a time when the Avs were still the Nordiques. People there were very passionate about their hockey club.
    It's extremely sad that the Nordiques had to leave. That said, Gary Bettman didn't lift a finger to help the Nordiques as he has Pittsburgh (twice) and Nashville (once).
    It's a heard pill to swallow when the commissioner does everything to save American franchises and does nothing to save the Canadian teams who popularized the sport of hockey in the first place. If Gary Bettman had stepped in and lended aid to the city of Quebec in the way he did with Pittsburgh and Nashville, Denver never would have gotten the Nordiques and might well have had to endure the struggles of an expansion franchise. All that's being said is that Denver got a bit spoiled rotten on the work of the people who owned and operated the Nordiques prior to them arriving in Denver.
    When the time comes that the Avalanche struggle by missing the playoffs a number of years in a row and have to go through an entire top to bottom rebuild, it will be interesting to see how many people jump off the bandwagon that they are currently riding. My guess is that it will be a very high number.

  • April 26, 2008

    8:33 PM

    Underdog writes:

    The Avalanche are God-Awful.

    Just watching Sakic spinning on his knees, vainly and weakly trying to stop a shorthanded goal from being scored has made me decide that he is absolutely done.

    Retire Joe. You've had it. You're done.


  • April 27, 2008

    6:37 PM

    Enjoys a laugh writes:

    I always think it's funny when people, like Underdog, write to players on teams. I've read it numerous times on these boards, Nuggets boards, and Broncos boards. (No really comments on the Rapids articles.)

    I'm not really sure Joe Sakic reads these comments or says to his wife, "you know, Honey--some fans are telling me to retire. I think they're right. Let's call it a year, even though I had a 100-point season a year ago."

    You guys give me the giggles.

  • April 28, 2008

    5:03 PM

    Brett writes:

    It's great to see that the resigning of Forsberg is really working out for you guys.

    I guess it was a good decision for him to take Detroit off of his list of teams that he wanted to sign with. I guess his glass ankles really couldn't handle the stress of hoisting the Stanley Cup. So he figured he would go somewhere where he wouldn't have to worry about having to lift all that weight.

    With that said...what a game on Saturday afternoon to watch. "The Mule" almost taking care of you guys single handedly, scoring short-handed, and getting a hat trick.

    But why in God's name did your team have to go the Calgary Flames route of starting to play like a bunch of goons once the game is out of reach? Do they honestly think that it's going to make a difference. Look at how disciplined the Wings were during the Avs goon-fest. Not one penalty against the Wings for retaliation. They retaliated by the score on the board.

    Those scores get settled in the following regular season, when you least expect it. If anything it just might (a faint candle light of hope) rekindle that old rivalry with the Avs, but for it to be a rivalry the other team has to win at least occasionally.

    So best of luck the rest of the series, and we shall see who emerges victorious in the end.

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