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April 9, 2008 6:43 PM

Drew Litton: Fantasy Investments


I've been taking a little time off since opening day. So if you wonder why I didn't do a live cartoon on the Avalanche and instead have this cartoon on fantasy leagues, that's the reason. I'll be back drawing for Saturday. Feel free, however to chat away about the Avs are anything else for that matter.



  • April 10, 2008

    9:35 AM

    Chet writes:

    What a win by the Avs last night! Super Joe does it AGAIN! This series is going to be a great one - if we don't all die from stress while watching it!

  • April 10, 2008

    9:36 AM

    Mark writes:

    What a hockey game last night. With the score tied 2-2, the last 10 minutes were phenominal! The AVS hit the post and crossbar, had a goal disallowed, and missed a penalty shot! (You've gotta bury that Smyth!)

    Seriously folks, if you're not watching playoff hockey, you're missing out.

    Blah blah lockout. Blah blah, can't find it on TV.

    Serious, it's fantastic TV, there's nothing like the NHL playoffs, especially when the game goes to OT, as I'm sure most of this series with Minnesota will.

  • April 10, 2008

    10:28 AM

    Uncle Buck writes:

    I didn't get to see it because for some reason Altitude blacks out my region for the Avs games. Oh but they gladly let me get the Nuggets, but not the Avs. Only reason I got Altitude. But from the replays it sure looked like a great game. Super Joe coming through for the Avs when they needed it.

  • April 10, 2008

    11:57 AM

    Brent T. writes:

    Wow, that sucks, Drew. I was really looking forward to seeing what you would do with the Avs this morning in your cartoon. I had pictured something like Sakic in a Superman cape. Or Theodore shutting a big door in front of a couple of Wild players. Or an outline of Marian Gaborik labeled "The Invisible Man".

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