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April 17, 2008 11:14 PM

Drew Litton:Shanahan's Square peg



  • April 18, 2008

    7:21 AM

    Jeremy writes:

    Come now Drew. Javon Walker was recently shown the door, Hixon was let go last year, and Martinez is marginable. The Broncos clearly have a need for a number 2 and number 4 receiver, and hopefully 2 of these 3 WR signings can fit that bill.
    As for our other needs, I think we addressed LB, S and now WR. Hopefully we can get a DT via the Robertson trade, an OT via the draft, a FB via the draft (which would shore up the running game without need of a new high-priced RB), a K via the draft, and a punt and kick returner in the draft and we'd be right back in the thick of things. Given the sheer number of needs still to fill, maybe the more appropriate picture would have been Shanahan inserting one peg and being faced with a whole slew of holes still in front of him.

  • April 18, 2008

    9:59 AM

    Kurt writes:

    Seriously this is what we get with all that is going in sports.....

    Nugs making playoffs, Aves taking a 3-2 lead in the series, longets rockies game ever (although you didn't have time for that one)....

    C-mon Drew do some Ave toons, or atleast stay up to date with what is going on....yeah the doncos made a trade, but thats small potatoes. I think you hate Hockey or the Aves.

    I like your stuff, but this one is boring, no offense

  • April 18, 2008

    10:53 AM

    Andy writes:

    I don't see how this cartoon makes any sense. Everybody always gripes about spending big money for free agents, so the Bronx are spending a little money for wide receivers - which actually *ARE* a need. Cutler will need somebody to throw to.

    I agree that receivers aren't the top need, but the draft will help w/ the O line. I could see this if the Bronx were acquiring a QB or something, but receivers? The cartoon is out of place.

  • April 18, 2008

    10:55 AM

    Drew writes:

    Good comments. Just an FYI. I had a Nuggets cartoon in this mornings Playoffs section, and as far as the Avs go, I haven't drawn off of games because of the late starts. I'm fast but with games going into OT it makes my turnaround time precariously short. I'm sure when we get into the next round I'll be doing some stuff live on deadline. Just hope the start times aren't 8. That makes it nearly impossible. And, remember, I've done cartoons for deadline in 45 minutes(see the Kansas cartoon from the Final Four) That's pretty quick by anyones standards. But unfortunately, I haven't perfected the 5 minute cartoon yet. Not that I haven't tried. But critiques well taken. You want more Avs cartoons. Coming right up guys.

  • April 18, 2008

    11:01 AM

    Kurt writes:

    Totally understand....

    can't wait to see whats next


  • April 18, 2008

    11:06 AM

    just sayin' writes:

    Drew you're the best. Honestly, you are. I am surprised you are not more national.

  • April 18, 2008

    12:11 PM

    Phil writes:

    I couldn't agree more with Kurt. How in the world can you not have an Avs cartoon today? Especially with the frickin miracle that Theodore pulled off last night! And the game started at 7pm, Drew. And it didn't go to overtime. This is an unbelievable playoff series that the Avs are in, with some incredible individual performances, and if one were to look at Drew's cartoons, you wouldn't even know it was going on.

  • April 18, 2008

    1:36 PM

    Voice Of Reason writes:

    For all of you being critical of Drew, try stepping up to the plate and try actually drawing on deadline for games that could go either way in a hearbeat. Nothing quite like spending an hour on a toon idea just to have the other team rip off a bunch of goals, points, or runs in a few minutes time and totally change the idea strategy.
    How about giving Drew a break. If you're all so gung-ho, start your own blog and draw your stick figure Jose Theodore and have a ball.
    For all you critics, try thinking about things before you post garbage like some of the comments left here.

  • April 18, 2008

    4:35 PM

    J.P. writes:

    Yeah, seriously folks - Give the guy a break. Try putting yourself in Drew's position to have to work on the fly as he does. Too bad most people complain on this forum instead of saying thanks.

    p.s. - Thanks Drew!

  • April 18, 2008

    9:07 PM

    kURT writes:


    I was just making a point! I said I understand after he explained so....get over it!

    i think drew is super talented, and i come here each day to see what he draws, cause its always spot on...today i was a little disapointed.

    anywho keep up the good stuff drew!

  • April 19, 2008

    11:02 AM

    Larry writes:

    I think everyone is fond of Drew's cartoons and appreciates his talent. In fairness to the critics, though, there are plenty of possibilities for cartoons that don't have to be tied directly to the precise ending for the game. For example, given how outstanding Theodore has been in these playoffs (and since Christmas really), a cartoon showing Pierre Lacroix smiling and getting the last laugh over his trade would be perfectly appropriate, even had the Avs managed to lose that game very late. (Heck, that cartoon would have been appropriate even before the playoffs started.) Such a cartoon would still be more timely, topical, and relevant, without requiring Drew to wait until the final horn sounds on the game.

    Drew's cartoons are great. This is just constructive criticism as it relates to drawing more relevant cartoons, especially as they relate to the Avs--which have been sorely lacking. For those ripping on the critics, chill out.

  • April 21, 2008

    11:05 PM

    Zach liveing in raleigh writes:

    your killing me i hit the rocky mountain news just to read broncos news i was born in colorodo and im sick of you hacking on Big S and
    the brox do you ever think maybe they went 7-9 because lynch, cutler, walker, nalen, hamilton, lepsis, champ, moss, henry, stokely, shefler, lewis,holdman, engleberger, crowder, and even elam got hurt now we have a great WR core, selvin is a good reciver did you ever think that we might have a huge passing game this year
    it took elway 3 years to get it done the D is healthy, if boss stays healthy are LB will be really good elvis will be a even better pass rusher this year so all thats left is a first round OT a DT and some
    depth at corner i think denver could win the afc this year colts are older pats hearts where torn up plus there d is older and how long does it take for norv turner to screw up a good football team shany is the best coach in the nfl leave him alone all the broncos really nead is some faith if i was going to make a cartoon it would be you bringing in this garbage cartoon putting it on shanahans
    desk and him saying im sorry i cant see that my 2 lombarti trophys are blocking my veiw of it i dont visit this paper from North carolina to watch the people involved in the paper that comes from where i was born to here you trash a man and a team
    that i have loved my whole life so please shove a square peg in your round hole

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