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April 3, 2008 9:50 PM

win,lose & Drew: Ready for the Rockies?


At long last our winter of discontent is behind us. The Rockies are back and life is good. Hope you'll take a look at my opening day page in the Rocky and online here for Saturday.

And be sure to leave your comments about opening day. Do you have a favorite moment or memory of opening day? It doesn't even have to be about the Rockies just your best Baseball memories.



  • April 4, 2008

    7:42 AM

    andy writes:

    Opening day is only good, because it means we're that much closer to a REAL sport... FOOTBALL!!!

  • April 4, 2008

    8:22 AM

    Kurt writes:

    Finally, even though it has been the shortest off season, it seems like the longest? go figure.....let's go rockies

  • April 4, 2008

    1:25 PM

    Jason writes:

    I'm predicting the Rockies will get rocked and lose 13-2. They have no pitching at all.

    It's going to be a very long season.

  • April 4, 2008

    6:34 PM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    Well...the score wasn't completely correct. But the Rockies did get ROCKED! Nice prediction Jason!

    It appears that Matt Holliday just isn't the same without steroids. Hey Matt, hitting works better when you actually make contact with the ball, eh?

    FOUR strikeouts in FOUR at-bats?


    Absolutely awesome.

    Oh, hey - Let me not forget Tulowitzki's excellent error to go along with his 0-4, 2 strikeout performance!!

    Way to go Troy!

    38 strikouts for Rockies hitters in 4 games. Wow. That's just aweome, earth-shattering offense.

    Pretty much proves without a doubt that last September was a total and undeniable FLUKE!


    Oh, and Holliday, you STILL have not touched home plate!

  • April 4, 2008

    10:13 PM

    Tom writes:

    Some of my co-workers went to see the game today. They called me right after the top of the first inning had ended, and in no uncertain terms pronounced that the game was already over and the Rockies hadn't even sent up their first hitter.


    Is it possible for the wheels to have fallen off this quickly? Are the Rockies trying to go 1-21 instead of 21-1? It sure looks like it, and they are well on their way.
    The offense looks just awful. Really awful. I mean, in four games, the Rockies have scored one run with an actual hit (Helton's worthless dinger when the game was already far out of hand.)
    Tulowitzki does look a tad lost. Matt Holliday looks completely dumbstruck at the plate.
    The rest of the guys seem to still be in a daze.
    Lucky them that they get to try and work themselves out of a hitting funk against Brandon Webb....
    Happy hunting Rockies. You'll need a lot of focus and a hell of a lot of luck not to end up 1-4.


  • April 7, 2008

    3:14 AM

    josh writes:

    actually it means we are that much closer to the NHL playoffs. man, why did we go get peter, i mean, he only has 13 points in wat 8 games? foote and sauer shut down opposing team front lines, yet no good AVS cartoons.

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