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July 21, 2008 10:03 PM

Drew cartoon: Broncos Talk


Thank Goodness it's almost here. NFL training camp. The most wonderful time of the year. I'm a football guy. Give me the gridiron. The preseason. The roster moves. I love it all. I can remember a summer of my youth. A Saturday night spent under the stars on a boat in Elephant Butte reservoir in New Mexico. The transistor radio tuned to some far away station in Dallas listening to a Cowboys preseason game. That's how much I love it. So, here it is..only a few days to go. Can't ya just feel the excitement...And speaking of excitement, we're just days away from another episode of the Broncs Zoo animated cartoon. Stay tooned.


  • July 22, 2008

    12:29 AM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    AHAHAHAHAHA!! The Rockies lost again! What a pathetic franchise! I guess the only thing that we can all take solace in is the fact that the Rockies only have one non-white starter! Other than that, this pathetic franchise really has nothing going for them!


  • July 22, 2008

    5:18 AM

    pondscum writes:

    That's not true! They got plenty going for them...spring training!

  • July 22, 2008

    7:29 AM

    Hambone writes:

    Dude, are you going to come on here with that every single time the Rockies lose?? You really need to get a life.

  • July 22, 2008

    7:49 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    that's not workingclasshero posting above. seriously obvious. i'd say it's time to ban that ISP from posting here.

  • July 22, 2008

    9:26 AM

    [-=m2=-] writes:

    I'm seriously interested to see which way this Broncos team lands this year. This is a key year for the future of the franchise.

    Does Cutler make the leap?

    Is Marshall off the field worth Marshall on the field?

    Do we get the old running game back?

    Can the D start making strides back?

    Who starts filling Elam's shoes?

    Lots of questions marks.

  • July 22, 2008

    10:24 AM

    eric jennings writes:


    You hit it on the head with the cartoon. As an avid Browns fan who lived in Colorado for about 12 years, I know what you're trying to express in your work of art. Keep it up!


    Eric Jennings

  • July 22, 2008

    12:05 PM

    Kurt writes:

    Yes....Football! Can't wait, Broncos need to be the team that just gets business done!

    Working Class Trash is a racist by the way, this jerk needs to be removed!

    "Solace in the fact that they only have one Non-white starter".....what does the color of a man have anything to do with pitching, or baseball in general? YOUR A JOKE! Go find a Clan Blog to spew your garbage


  • July 22, 2008

    1:17 PM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    Actually, I'm not anything of the above. I didn't write that statement at the top of the blog thread. So whatever. Just some sad person trying very hard to get noticed. Nice try Kurt/SportzFan or whomever you are. Nice try.

  • July 22, 2008

    1:44 PM

    Bill writes:

    Folks, there aren't many people on this blog that like the fact that WCH pokes fun at the local teams. However, that's what it is. He's never been hateful towards anyone here, and to suggest that he's a racist just because someone else decided to impersonate him is just erroneous. It's like the people who frequent this blog can't just let things be. They feel a need to push things further. The feel a need to go over the line. I've gone back and compared the entries of WCH to the one at the top of this blog, and there is a big difference in wording and style. I do think that the first poster here is an imposter. Let's be fair about this. I can't say I agree with the stuff WCH writes, but I really don't much care, it won't ever keep me up nights. In fact, some of it is kind of funny given the state of the Rockies and Nuggets and the other local teams. What does bother me is that someone (the first poster here) is picking a fight where it's not welcome.

  • July 22, 2008

    3:08 PM

    dude writes:

    I agree with M2. This training season is going to tell us a lot. I hope that Mashell can get his act together on the field and that he get adequately and fairly punished for his antics off the field. Cutler has a lot to carry on his shoulders and hopefully he can step up. The running game can be there with a good back but the bottom line is the O line. If they can't better and make good blocks we are going to be in the air all game and that will be too much for Cutler (it sure was for Elway). Until the line steps up and gives the run a chance the pass won't work well.

    The big question is the defence. Can the corners and safeties do their job and stick to the receivers and force the ball inside? Can the new improved line put some pressure on the QB (this has been the Broncos failing for the past few seasons over all else)? Time will tell.

  • July 22, 2008

    6:08 PM

    Paul writes:

    Hey Dude,

    I think you forgot to post a rude comment.

    What gives? I mean, really. Rude comments are your calling card.

    On the topic at hand: The Donkeys will be no better than 4-12 this year. Cutler will lose his starting job and be traded to the Seattle Seahawks. Brandon Marshall will end up in prison. And Mike Shanahan will finally be fired. Thank God.

  • July 22, 2008

    6:27 PM

    Kurt writes:


    Fair is fair if you didn't write it then my apologies, but thats a racist statement were I come from. To be honest the post did not seem far off from all your others.

    If you hate all denver teams thats fine, but atleast stick to the topic of the cartoon!

  • July 22, 2008

    6:53 PM

    Z. writes:

    Hey y'all - When the Rox, Nugs, Broncs, and Avs show themselves to be more than below average teams, then people might stop ripping on them. Until then, I'll vote than anyone, anywhere reserves the right to slam these teams. If y'all want to be all positive and that, then fine by me, but live and let live, that's all I'm saying. WorkingClassHero, Dude, all y'all have reason to defend or be critical of the teams, but you got no call to be jerks to each other. Y'all don't even know each other.

    I go to games all of the time around Denver. Nugs, Rockies, Avs and Broncs, and I'm one of the loudest critics when they play like crap. Hell, for all y'all know, WorkingClassHero is a season tix holder to some of the team he rips on. If he was at the stadium or arena, then don't y'all think he's got every right to boo? If y'all noticed Monday night, the Rockies gave up 8 runs in the 1st inning and the home crowd was pissed off. I know 'cause I was there. I don't think I've ever seen a crowd turn on it's hometown team like that ever.
    So before you judge people, think first. That's all I'm saying.

  • July 23, 2008

    5:08 PM

    dude writes:

    Thank you all for the commentary again. I have gotten tired of reading all of the bashing on this blog. I did not set out to offend anyone but if that how it works out.... I can't help it if you are offended.

    Teams are good teams are bad but a fan does not revel in the demise of a team. They are critical, as well they should be, but their comments are constructive not destructive. Most of the posts in the last month revolve around how bad a team sucks and how bad a person is or is not. This is NOT constructive, it is complaining for the sake of hearing your own voice (or words). I admit that I have lashed out but based on the comments I guess we all do it.

    Denver is notorious for turning fickle when teams don't win and it is sad to see a bunch of "true" fan do that. We all feed off of one another when it is time to boo but when it is time to cheer it takes organ music and an announcer to keeps us up (just go to a Rockies or a Broncos game and listen to the crowd). We can be really loud but we are really good a being quiet too (and for all of you out there I count myself in the too quiet crowd). All I am saying is let's give them a chance to do well and ask the hard questions AFTER we see where the cards start to fall.

  • July 24, 2008

    9:35 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    thanks for you comments Dude. however, it doesn't change the fact that the rockies, nuggets, broncos and avs suck.

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