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August 31, 2008 10:17 PM

Buffs blast Rams: Sonny Lubick gets the last laugh

DREW0901.gif Someplace, somewhere Sonny Lubick is sitting back in his lounge chair quietly gloating. He can safely say "I told you so". Some will argue that the CSU Rams program was on a slide and that Sonny is responsible for leaving the cupboard bare. I maintain that Lubick elevated the CSU football program to heights it had never attained and will never reach again. Get used to seeing Darrell "Great" Scott run for the Buffs. He is a legitimate big-time player and will only get better as he gets used to the Buffs system, blocking schemes and the players around him. Cody Hawkins continues to grow as a quarterback. His arm lacks serious strength but he makes the throws and reads that allow him to excel. The Buffs will need to tighten their defense and really establish its running game before they face West Virginia on September 18. The Rams schedule is much easier and they should go 2-1 before having to face Cal on September 27. I'll be gearing up for the Fraternal Order of Pigskin fantasy draft on Tuesday night. This is the leagues second season, comprised completely of readers who read this blog. It's been one of the really cool things to grow out of this space. I'd love to do more interaction here and I'm brainstorming on ideas to make this blog more fun. Sunday was a "live" cartoon done right after the game. I finished about 20 minutes early for my 10:30 deadline. I'm still trying to reboot my brain after the DNC cartoons and animations I did. Rich Moyer, a fantastic animator and director helped make the DNC animations possible. If you still haven't seen them be sure to take a look and pass them on to friends. I'll spend Labor day, unfortunately laboring, working on a Broncs Zoo panel for our upcoming football section and a new Broncs Zoo animation. As always, stay tooned. Drew


  • September 1, 2008

    7:44 PM

    Michael writes:

    Drew - I'm not even a college football fan and I can tell what a homer you are. How about realizing that both CSU & CU are teams in transition? How about realizing that the game could just as easily have turned into 38-17 in favor of the Rams? Take your high opinion of yourself (because you're CU Alumni) and stick it.

    God, you're a horrible excuse for a columnist/blogger. At least see the whole picture and stop being so damned biased. I have no idea how the RMN keeps people like you employed. You get paid to represent ALL Colorado sports programs, not just CU. As a reader, I'm appalled. You can sit there and say "I maintain that Lubick elevated the CSU football program to heights it had never attained and will never reach again."

    Oh really? Really? Do you just hate every sports program that isn't tied to CU? It certainly seems so. By making that kid of statement, you actually embarrass CU. As a gradute of another Colorado school that doesn't have a football program, You are an embarrassment to CU. Take your stupid biases opinions and keep them to yourself.

    To give credit, CU played a fine game. However, so did CSU. Why is it so hard for your to admit that? And why do you have so much hate towards CSU? For someone who lost a wife to cancer, I might think you would have more compassion in your life, but I guess not. You just hate, hate, hate.

    I hope this is your last toon Drew. You deserve to be fired.

  • September 1, 2008

    10:23 PM

    Ricky D. writes:

    As a 2007 Colorado University (CU) Graduate, I'm positively offended by your outright disdain for Colorado State University.
    CSU is a proud school, and has a proud football program just like CU does. I'm a bit surprised that you would publicly lower yourself to preach that CSU will never return to prominence just because Sonny Lubick is no longer running the show. Your sad attempt at humor is a slap in the face to CSU and a slap in the face to Mr. Fairchild who is trying to build a program back up in his own way. He doesn't have to be just like Sonny. He has earned the right to build his own program, and that's what he's trying to do.
    You obviously root for CU and only CU. Of that you have the right. But you don't have the right to slam other schools just because you feel like it. The Rocky Mountain News needs to consider giving you a vacation for a while so that you can vent whatever is bugging you, because you quite obviously have a burr under your saddle.
    I'm proud to be a Buff, but not at the expense of hating others. You need to re-think your position here. My suggestion is for you to delete this toon and start over. It gives the Rocky Mountain News a bad name. CSU is part of the Rocky Mountains just as CU is. This kind of nonsense just goes to show disrespect to a fellow Colorado institution. That's not good for business.
    If I was your editor, I'd be pretty furious right about now.

  • September 1, 2008

    10:46 PM

    Monty writes:

    Totally unprofessional Drew.

    You have zero class.

    Shut down this blog, please.

  • September 2, 2008

    1:08 AM

    Brent writes:

    @ Ricky D:
    "If I was your editor..."
    If you were his editor, perhaps you'd have edited your own statement to be "If I were your editor..." knowing that the past subjunctive of "to be" is required.

  • September 2, 2008

    7:24 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Brent, don't be such a jerk. I hope you're not this nit-picky in your normal life. If you are, then I'll just bet you have no friends at all. People don't like nit-pickers.

  • September 2, 2008

    8:24 AM

    Zman writes:

    OMG! How funny is this?!? Drew is paid to have an opinion. Like it or not, he did his job by getting people to talk about a cartoon.

    Well played Drew...Well played...

    GO BRONCOS! Yes I am a HOMER for the Denver Broncos...that must make me a bad fan.

  • September 2, 2008

    9:34 AM

    The Smoking Man writes:

    The game wasn't that close. CU could barely hold onto the ball & it was still a laugher. You people have to get over the fact that CSU is horrible this year, they were horible last year, & will be horrible next year as well. There is no way in hell the Rams could have won that game by the same score. The Bufs moved the ball on them at will. The CU offense was even scaled down for this game. I don't know why, but they didn't show a whole lot. CSU, on the other hand, well, where do we start. Let's just say they better learn how to stretch the field. I'm not sure if they know that it is permitted to throw the ball more than 15 yards downfield. So, you have one club that constricted it's playbook & won handily, & you have another that is either incapable of making plays or is not looking at the final score as a measure to their season. One squad expected to win, the other, who know what they were there for?

  • September 2, 2008

    12:14 PM

    CLos writes:

    My goodness how sensetive are CSU fans..
    I am not a fan of any of these schools but from colorado so I pay attention to both...

    This cartoon is very funny,
    I know it hurts to get your a$$ handed to you by CU but its not a reason to get all hurt and ask for the cartoonist to get fired...

    His point is very obvious that Lubick brought glory days to CSU and it will be very hard to duplicate what the man did..

    Keep up the great work Drew... Keep them coming.

  • September 2, 2008

    12:21 PM

    KP13 writes:

    CSU got rolled, face it!

    I for one totally agree with Drew, Sonny was the face of this team, and they will lack to make that up...especially with the fact that the buffs are on the rise!

    michael...to talk about drews wife like that is so far out of line, that you should be banned from this site forever! your pathetic for bringing that into your arguement.....

    you rock drew keep it up!

  • September 2, 2008

    12:25 PM

    Drew Litton writes:


    A few simple clarifications.

    1. I did not graduate from CU. I didn't grow up here. I attended a university much like CSU that has neither the alumni support nor the financial means to compete with the USCs, Ohio States, Floridas, or for that matter, CU's of the world. The school I went to won a national championship in basketball in 1966. One of the biggest reasons they won was because the coach at the time, much like Sonny Lubick, was much better than the school deserved. He recruited well, out coached everyone he faced and built the program to a respectable level. He also, thankfully, saw all men as created equal and started his best players, all of whom happened to be African American. The school will never again approach the heights attained by that certain coach.

    2. I appreciate and encourage constructive criticism and alternate opinions on this blog. It's what makes it fun. But I will not tolerate a personal attack levied at myself or anyone else on this blog. To bring up the passing of my wife 4 years ago in the same paragraph as a sports cartoon is not only classless but lacks the intelligence required to remain a part of this blog. I ask that readers maintain a certain sense of dignity when commenting here. If it happens again you will be disrespectfully banned from participating on any blog belonging to the Rocky Mountain News.

  • September 2, 2008

    12:58 PM

    The Smoking Man writes:

    Well put, Drew. And Don Haskins was a great coach/pioneer.

  • September 2, 2008

    2:21 PM

    Bill writes:

    The Rams will NEVER again reach the heights that they reached during Sonny Lubick's tenure???

    Drew, I do think that you're drinking the Gold & Black Kool-aid just a tad too much and it's impaired your mind.

    Did anyone really think that Dan Hawkins would have any success with the bare cupboard he was left? Not a chance. But look, he's doing okay. Not great, but okay. He's got a LONG way to go before we can even discuss his tenure and CU Football success in the same sentence, so how about giving Fairchild a break just like you gave to Hawkins? We all are very aware of your ties to CU, but now might be the time for you to realize that in a few years, it might just be CSU that has the upper hand. If that were to happen, ask yourself....would you eat your own words or just spin the situaton to fit your own needs at the time?
    How different would your toon have been if CSU had prevailed over CU? I'm very interested to know if you had a backup toon in waiting in case your precious Buffaloes got beat.

  • September 2, 2008

    2:40 PM

    CT writes:

    Drew, Michael was probably out of line, and was probably a very disgruntled CSU fan/student who also was very drunk, but if i'm correct, you're the one who shared to the world the information about your wife on this very blog a couple of years ago. By airing that kind of information on a sports related blog, weren't you going against your own rules that you are now setting forth? I'm not saying anyone in this discussion is right or wrong or anything else...I'm remaining pretty neutral...but if you give out that kind of personal information to the planet, it makes it all the more likely that someone will stab you with it.
    I'm sorry for your loss. That's the most awful thing I can imagine anyone going through. My condolences.

  • September 2, 2008

    3:23 PM

    Drew Litton writes:


    Thanks for the thoughts. One of the things I wanted to do with this blog was to have a dialogue with readers and sports fans alike. Yes, I have posted updates about events in my own life, simply because I considered this forum to be an honest conversation with readers. Little did I know that someone would use such a painful event in my life to make their point about a sports cartoon. I guess I'll need to play it a little closer to the vest from now on and make this all about sports. Advice well taken.


  • September 2, 2008

    6:59 PM

    Penfold writes:


    There's no reason to take to heart the comments of one single person and make it ruin your blog. You, of all people, reserve the right to just delete the comment from the record. I doubt you'll even need to ban anyone, because I would seriously doubt that "Michael" will be back. I'd imagine that he fell over drunk after posting and might just now be waking up realizing that he slept through all his classes. People like this are like a bee. They sting once and die, so to speak.
    You have enough people here that enjoy what you do. One sole bad egg can't ruin it.

    On the topic of the toon, I's probably agree that it's too early to write off CSU as ever being a contender. They do have a great history and they are loaded with young kids who just need experience and the right teacher. Maybe Fairchild is the right teacher. Time will tell. I'd venture that your toon just ticked off a few CSU fans who thought the toon was disrespectful. I guess I can see how that would be interpreted. CSU fans are simply trying to believe in their program, and maybe seeing their team represented in such as way in a Colorado paper set them off.

    Anyway...stick with it. See you in the funny papers.


  • September 2, 2008

    8:51 PM

    Jacob writes:

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, 95% of the posters on this blog are classless whiny arrogant pricks.

  • September 3, 2008

    10:40 AM

    Jeremy writes:

    I don't know why so many people are uptight about Drew's cartoon. It’s not meant to be an insult to CSU, or to CU. It’s meant to be a tip of the hat to Lubick. I went to a Colorado school and I say well played Drew.

  • September 3, 2008

    1:53 PM

    GJrodburner writes:

    To have to put up with out-right hatred is a bummer Drew, but as it was said before by another blogger, if you put personal information out and into a public forum...you get what happened to you. Is that a right way to voice one's dislike about your 'toon, no. Drunk or not, correctly or not, your drawing did more than provide entertainment. Sardonic wit that can be shown as art, even as a cartoon, still can provoke and prod; even those of us that have no axe to grind. If that picture offends enough, some people go out of their way to find a stone in order to do just that, grind! I love the way you let your freak-flag fly! You don't play favorites, and I feel you are the only UNBIASED person on the staff. It is a pity you had to pay a price to the public, and unfortunately you paid. About that drawing...

    Until the current term for the new CSU coach can be viewed in some manner of hindsight, we'll never know if he can teach/coach, recruit, and win. This pasting by CU shows that he has a loooooong way to go to employ a credible offensive game plan. I pray that he can. I want CSU to win, even against my good 'ol CU.

    Still, at the end of it all Sonny knew that sometimes the administration for an institution of higher learning can show great indigity (without paying a price)towards those they no longer need (at least that is what they think IMO); couple this with the fact that as one of the other bloggers pointed out, Sonny was far better for CSU than the other way around. Administrators come and go, it's defined as the "peter-principle", but outstanding teachers and great coaches happen once every 30-35 years. Yeah, I think CSU will miss Sonny for a very long time to come.

  • September 3, 2008

    7:40 PM

    Dax writes:

    One day, and we don't know which day yet-
    Mike Shanahan may either retire, ot may have to be forced out the door.
    I would think a similar toon will be in order if the latter occurs.
    I don't see Mike Shanahan retiring. I think he's going to have to be fired if the Broncos decide they don't want him anymore. And seriously, if this Denver team misses the playoffs again this year, Shanahan deserves to get fired.

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